SF Bike Party

From SFBP:

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to run away and join the circus? Well, step right up, the time has come, one night only! Now’s your chance to show off your mad balance skillz on your tall bike. Feel free to express that inner acrobat, clown, or sideshow freak. It’s all welcome on the SFBP 10/7: Under the Big Top–the Circus ride

Don’t worry juggling unicyclists, we’ve got one of our flattest routes yet this month. Check out the map for deets on the route. This ride will take us through SOMA, with some hidden canals and houseboats (who knew?). We’ll also roll through the Potrero Hill neighborhood, past its funky restaurants and warehouses, and cheer on those working late in the financial district. Even though the routes’s pretty flat, we’ll still give ya a couple of stunning views of our fair city, and some gems of party stops too. This bike party is great virgin BPers, and out-of towners, and those who want to ride with us but might be intimidated by our notorious hills.

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So, don’t forget to wax up that lion-tamer’s handlebar mustache to go with your mustache handlebars, and bring a camera!

If you need a little more inspiration, stay tuned for a lookbook of ideas.

See you all at McCovey cove on Friday, 10/7. Meetup at 7:30, roll at 8:00.


SF Bike Party

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