Today’s Headlines

  • Muni, BART Must Install Cameras to Police Cellphone Ban for Operators (BCN, ExaminerCity Insider)
  • Muni and Poor Streets Among Complaints in New San Francisco Survey (SF Examiner)
  • Occupy SF Protesters Unlikely to Find a Place for Public Encampment (SF Examiner)
  • Bevan Dufty Wants Life Coaches for Muni Drivers (City Insider)
  • SF Redevelopment Agency Gets New Interim Executive Director (BCN via Appeal)
  • More on Gov. Brown’s Ban of 3-Foot Passing Law (Union-TribuneBicycle Retailer)
  • Gov. Signs Bill Easing Unlicensed Driving Penalties to Protect Illegal Immigrants (SFGate, LAT)
  • Gov. Vetoes Bill Aimed at Protecting Drivers From Red-Light Camera Errors (Mercury News)
  • Disputed Bike Lane Project in Sonoma Set to Begin (Press Democrat)
  • Santa Rosa Officer Hits Skateboarding 6-Year-Old With Cruiser (Press Democrat)
  • Albany Driver Arrested for DUI, Crashing Into Hydrant (CBS 5)
  • Orinda Residents Oppose State-Mandated Speed Limit Increase (CoCo Times)
  • “Creating a Neighborhood” at Pleasant Hill-CoCo Centre BART Transit Village (CoCo Times)
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  • SeventhLaguna

    Re: Orinda Residents Oppose State-Mandated Speed Limit Increase

    I was already aware of the 85th Percentile system for setting speed limits, but was not aware of the fact that officers cannot enforce the speed limit without a recent traffic study confirming that a street’s speed limit indeed is true to the 85th Percentile rule.

    “Orinda’s traffic study for Glorietta is out of date, meaning police officers, by law, cannot use radar to ticket speeders.”

    Maybe this is why many of SF’s streets see no officer enforcement??

  • It’s vehicle code section 40802 ( that prohibits the use of radar on anything other than a local street if a traffic study hasn’t been done within five years.

    It defines local roads as those with only one lane in each direction, roadway of 40 feet or under, and controlled intersections every half mile or less. From a brief look at aerial photos, Glorietta looks like it qualifies, so I don’t know why they don’t think they could use radar there.