Today’s Headlines

  • Prop B: “Road, Pothole Repair Shifted to San Francisco Voters” (SF Examiner)
  • Bay Area Transit Agencies Eye Savings By Changing Work Rules (SF Examiner)
  • Ken Garcia: In San Francisco, “Only Those With Spokes Get to Speak” (SF Examiner)
  • “San Francisco Parklets Swap Parking Spots for Community Space” (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA to Honor Late Historic Streetcar Advocate and Board Member Cameron Beach (City Insider)
  • Girl Paralyzed, 7 Others Hurt in San Francisco SoMa Vehicle Crash (CBS 5)
  • Pedestrian Killed on Highway 101 in San Mateo (BCN via Mercury News)
  • SF Transportation Consultant Jeff Tumlin Helps “Get Cities Off Their Parking Addictions” (Atlantic Cities)
  • SMART Issues Repeal Statement, Rebuffs State Qualms (Press Democrat)
  • Dangerous Intersection in Lake County to Be Improved (Press Democrat)
  • Press Democrat: “Are Tensions Between Cyclists, Drivers Getting Worse” in Sonoma County?
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  • “Only Those With Spokes Get to Speak”  – how precious. Why do African-Americans get a Black History Month and White people don’t get one? Why is there a “Gay Pride Parade” but no “Hetero-Pride Parade”. Add all the improvements for cycling and pedestrians in San Francisco and it is crumbs compared to the Bay Bridge and Doyle Drive retrofits. If the cyclists are so powerful, how was the Chavez project dramatically altered by trucking companies?

    Cyclists are noticed when they push because motorists never NEED to push. The entire system is designed for their benefit.

  • Anonymous

    With Garcia, it’s like talking to a wall: he doesn’t even acknowledge all the counter-arguments that have made against his anachronistic, car-centric arguments, again and again and again. I can’t stand editors who just talk to themselves and ignore all the counter-arguments. Talk about crappy journalism ….

    He needs to take the approach Nevius of the Chronicle took: get out there and ride (a bunch, not a handful of token times) and see what it’s like. It seems that is the only way for him to quickly learn than “Share the Road” means: “Bicyclists, be happy with the scraps our car-centric society gives you, even though we still put motorist convenience waaaaaay above your safety”.

  • NBP