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    Per SF Appeal:

    “The pedestrian, a 29-year-old man, was walking west alongside traffic on the
    street when a witness said he apparently turned and walked into a lane of
    traffic, police spokesman Sgt. Mike Andraychak said.”

  • mikesonn

    *slow clap*

  • Anonymous

    @aab6d03eb78119ada48b049629f44938:disqus You seem to be implying it was the pedestrians fault, and indeed it sounds like it was. However (and here’s the real problem): why should the punishment for a mistake made by a pedestrian in one of busiest pedestrian corridors in the country be serious injury or death? It makes no sense to have 4000 lb cars moving through such areas, and that is the issue. Sure, people screw up and do stupid things, but we shouldn’t have a system where the punishment for those mistakes is death or serious injury. It’s sickening that we have a society where we just tolerate that and have somehow deemed it rational that the mistake for not looking when you cross the road in a city that is supposed to about *people* (not cars) should be punishable with death or serious injury. We punish criminals who commit much more serious crimes less. This is not a society that is thinking clearly, but one that is addicted to cars no matter what the cost.