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December East Bay Bike Party: ROCK STAR PARTY

Posted on November 27, 2011 by 

For the last Bike Party of the year, we’re pulling out all the stops. Get ready for a ROCK STAR PARTY!

Come out and roll like a ROCK STAR with your fellow Bike Partiers Friday, December 9th. Got a sound system? Bring it, because the consensus is, “I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT!”

We’ll start at Lake Merritt BART, head east to Fruitvale, then travel south to Alameda — because island getaways are just part of the deal for ROCK STARS. Once on the island, we’ll enjoy some scenic shoreline miles before heading back to the mainland and our final destination by the Lake.

Costuming for this one is all you. Everyone has an inner ROCK STAR, so channel it. Will you be a classic stadium showman like Mick? All glitter and glam like Ziggy? Edgy like Gaga? Or maybe this is just the push you need to get the band back together!

If the being in spotlight isn’t your style, put your own spin on what it is to be a ROCK STAR. Maybe you’re the guy behind the guy, like a session drummer or backup singer. You could be a literal ROCK STAR, like Michaelangelo’s David, the Sphinx or one of the Presidents from Mt. Rushmore. You could even come as a can of ROCKSTAR energy drink or a riding version of the game Rock Band.

Volunteers are always appreciated, as guiding riders through turns is what keeps the party together (while keeping it safe and fun). To get involved, come out for the next test ride (to be announced soon), email us at ebbikeparty[at]gmail.com or look for the volunteer coordinator on ride night at 7:30pm.

If you’ve got an entourage, bring it. Have lots of gear? Get some roadies. Whatever you do, don’t be late for the show! This performance is ONE NIGHT ONLY. As always, load-in is at 7:30 and we’ll kick it into gear at 8pm. We’re excited to rock with you December 9th. It’s been a great year and we just want to say, “FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK, WE SALUTE YOU!”

You do NOT want to miss this one. Now shout it with me, so they can hear you in the cheap seats: BIKE PARTY!!!


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