Alameda CTC Board Meeting – Measure B Reauthorization

From EBBC:

EBBC and our Coalition Partners are succeeding in gaining support for approximately $1 Billion for bike/ped projects in the Measure B Reauthorization-your Alameda County transportation sales tax. We are reaching out to individual members of the Alameda CTC Board and they are agreeing that more money in Measure B to fund bike/ped projects is a good thing and a popular thing, both of which will help build strong voter support for passage of Measure B at the November 2012 ballot.

What you can do:
We still need your support at the:

  • Alameda CTC Board meeting
    January 26, 3:00-5:00pm
    Alameda CTC offices
    1333 Broadway, Suite 300Please come, bring your friends, and voice your support for a strong Measure B with solid funding for bike/ped projects and better transit service. Can’t make the meeting. Send an email to the Alameda CTC Board with your vote to increase funding for better transit, stronger BART projects, and of course good bike/ped funding. Thanks for your help!

The Steering Committee for the Measure B Reauthorization meets from 12-3pm and the full Board meets from 3-5pm. Public comments are at 12noon and 3pm. This is our last, best chance to secure hundreds of millions of dollars to complete a significant portion of the Countywide Bicycle Plan. Please come and show your support at any time during this 5-hour, marathon session. The East Bay Bicycle Coalition and our partners will be there in force to show a tremendous amount of public support for a better Measure B. Thanks for coming out.

EBBC’s Measure B Campaign Page


Support the Community Vision Platform for Measure B at the Alameda County Transportation Commission

From EBBC: The rapidly growing coalition of community-based organizations is working overtime to deliver a much improved Measure B Reauthorization to the voters of Alameda County for the November 2012 ballot. To date, we succeeded in getting support for approximately 12% for bike/ped projects and programs, an additional 2% added to AC Transit funding, a pilot program […]

Alameda County Measure B Steering Committee Meeting

From EBBC: Now is our opportunity to secure full funding for the Countywide Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Plan. The East Bay Bicycle Coalition is asking for up to 20% of Measure B funds to be committed to bike/ped projects as part of the Measure B Reauthorization Your help in November-December is needed to get us […]

Tomorrow: East Bay Advocates Call for Fixing Alameda Transit First

A coalition of East Bay advocates is urging supporters to speak up tomorrow morning and tell the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) to take advantage of a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to repair and restore a failing system and provide a cost-effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation future.” Measure B, Alameda County’s largest source of transportation funding, is […]

Alameda County Bike/Ped Plans Working Group Meeting

From EBBC: At this meeting we will bring the draft Implementation Chapters to you for input. These chapters will include draft cost estimates for implementing the plans, revenue estimates and next steps for Alameda CTC to take to implement the plans over the coming four years. The agenda packet will be emailed out a week […]

This Week: Alameda County Bike Plan, GHG Reductions, Oakland Bike and Ped Advisory Committee

Here are this week’s highlights from the Streetsblog calendar: Tuesday/tonight! Unincorporated Alameda County Bike Plan Meeting #1. Alameda County Public Works is updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for unincorporated areas. The plan will include strategies to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety; increase access to work, school, shopping, recreation, and transit; and facilitate more walking and biking. […]