Toward a Faster Muni: Detailed TEP Improvement Proposals Now Available

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Detailed plans for proposed improvements on eight Muni routes are now available for viewing on the SFMTA’s Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) website. Head over for a block-by-block breakdown of proposed street changes like transit-only lanes, sidewalk extensions, boarding islands, relocated or consolidated stops, replacing stop signs with traffic signals or traffic-calming measures, and more to help keep Muni vehicles moving quickly and reliably.

To help ensure the SFMTA implements the most effective improvements as quickly as possible, it’s crucial for supporters to attend one of the five remaining TEP workshops and weigh in on the eight priority routes: the 28-19th Avenue, the N-Judah, the 30-Stockton, the 8x-Bayshore Express, the J-Church, the 14-Mission, the 5-Fulton, and the 22-Fillmore.

A recent workshop on the 14 and 22 lines in the Mission was derailed by a small but vocal group who dominated the discussion with unrelated complaints, according to reports from some who attended. To help provide a more balanced and constructive conversation at future workshops, riders eager to see more reliable Muni service on these corridors must be well represented.

The SFMTA will hold two more workshops this week. Tomorrow, the 28-19th Avenue‘s second workshop will take place at Lakeside Presbyterian Church (201 Eucalyptus Drive at 19th Ave.) at 6 p.m. The proposals for the route include extending sidewalks to ease boardings and shorten pedestrian crossings at over 20 intersections along 19th Avenue as well as removing excessive stops at seven intersections.

On Saturday, a workshop on the 5-Fulton, and 22-Fillmore routes will be held at 10 a.m. at the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center (1050 McAllister Street at Webster).

Proposals for the 5-Fulton include extending sidewalks at 11 intersections, moving stops across 11 intersections, removing stops at nine intersections, replacing stop signs with traffic signals or traffic-calming measures at nine intersections, a road diet on Fulton Street between Stanyan and Central Streets, and more.

For the 22-Fillmore, proposals include “median bus lanes” between Bryant and Third Streets, seven boarding islands and roughly two dozen sidewalk extensions along 16th Street, and restricting left turns at most intersections along 16th.

SFMTA staff said it is also working on maps and renderings to help the public visualize the proposed plans. The final workshop on May 5 will include a review of proposals for all eight routes.

See the entire schedule of workshops on the TEP website, and also be sure to weigh in on an online poll.


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