SFMTA Engineering, Maintenance and Safety Committee


On the agenda:

  • Strategic Plan updates from Operations & Customer Service Committee meeting
  • Muni+ application presentation/discussion
  • Subway platform display and public announcement system design presentation/discussion


SFMTA Policy and Governance Committee Meeting

Agenda Items of Note: 6. Presentation and discussion regarding Vision Zero 24 Project. (Explanatory documents include presentation) 7. Presentation and discussion regarding economic benefits of streetscape projects. (Explanatory documents include presentation.) 8. Presentation, discussion, and possible action regarding key metrics and actions for SFMTA Strategic Plan Goals including safety, operations and finance. (Explanatory documents include […]

SFMTA Board Policy and Governance Committee Meeting

Agenda Item of note: 5. Presentation and discussion regarding proposed service and route changes as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project including up to a ten percent increase in service to reduce crowding, redesign routes, make new connections and improve efficiency, and modify or discontinue low-ridership routes and segments.