Today’s Headlines

  • SFCTA Holding Public Meetings on Geary BRT Alternatives; Richmond Mtg June 25 (Richmond SF)
  • Man In Wheelchair Killed On Caltrain Tracks In San Mateo (CBS 5)
  • At Least One Cyclist IDs Bike Recovered In 24th Street BART Arrest (SF Appeal)
  • Will NEPA Spell the End For California HSR? (WA Examiner)
  • City of Richmond Banking on Proposed Ferry Line to SF (CoCo Times)
  • Roadshow Explains Bridge Toll Increases
  • Mountain View Driver Jumps Curb, Kills Man. Police Call it an “Accident” (PA Online)
  • Roadshow: Pedestrians Have Right of Way at Unmarked Crosswalks
  • New SFMTA Logo Looks a Lot Like Chicago Company’s (Bay Citizen)

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  • mikesonn

    I’m sure there is a KTVU link somewhere, but People Behaving Badly heads to Market Street.

    “Bad Signage”? Then you shouldn’t be driving if you can’t see 15 signs, one of which you had to actually driver around.

  • Bryansalster

    I see on the USDOT website that SF won money from a TIGER grant for a project in Mission Bay. I can’t seem to find an article on it anywhere though. Also Oakland won money for the port.

  • mikesonn
  • Bryansalster

    I read the page about it. However, it talks about a light rail loop for the Mission Bay. I had never heard about that ever being in any plans.

  •  The death in MV was not the only one on the penisula.

    Not drunk and cooperated, so consequences will be nil.

  • The early 20’s driver was driving approximately 85 mph on California for
    at least 3 city blocks when I saw him. The light turned red
    approximately 15 feet before he got to the limit line, he sped up run
    the red light and lost control after the intersection when he turned
    slightly to avoid a construction vehicle that was not in his lane. At
    that point he jumped the curb slamming into the pedestrian and taking
    down 2 metal poles.

    Now *that* is gross negligence. Any wagers on the eventual charges and jail time?

  • Richard Mlynarik

     I had never heard about that ever being in any plans.

    It was always in there.  But like everything concerned with the Third Street Light Rail fraud and the Central Subway megafraud, they repeatedly blow out their “budgets” and later go around stealing from every other source they can get their filthy hands on in order to “complete” their scams.

    Kind of like the High Speed Rail tooth fairy being shaken down to backfill for Caltrain funding that has been pocketed by PB for the Central Subway in SF and pocketed for PB for BART to the SJ Flea Market in Santa Clara County.  Lie., cheat and steal, and then beat up any funding source that comes along and steal its wallet to try to cover up what you did.

    Just wait until you see the costs that have been incurred already and will be expended to build this 1 1/2 blocks of non-revenue light rail line…

  • mikesonn

    I doubt it’ll be a “loop”, but more of a turn around. Pretty much making sure the weathly Mission Bay gets frequent T-line service while the Bayview waits an hour for the next LRV to hopefully show up.

  • mikesonn

    Charges and jail time? I heard it was just an accident.