Alameda County BPAC Meeting: Bike/Ped Plans Update


Alameda CTC is updating the 2006 Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans. The goal of these updates is to reflect current bicycling and walking conditions, needs and priorities in Alameda County. The plans will be used to identify countywide capital project and program priorities, and will guide the allocation of countywide funds. The update process began in May 2010 and final plans are scheduled to be considered for adoption by the Alameda CTC in September 2012.

Public Meeting

July 12: Countywide BPAC will dedicate most of its meeting to reviewing and giving comments on the Draft Plans. The public is invited to participate in the BPAC meeting, which starts at 5:30 p.m.

Next Steps

In August, all comments will be considered and incorporated, as appropriate, into the final draft plans. In September, the final draft plans will be presented to the Board and its Committees for their consideration for adoption and incorporation, by reference, into the Countywide Transportation Plan.

Please contact us with any questions or comments:

Rochelle Wheeler, Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, (510) 208-7471


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Alameda County Bike/Ped Plans Working Group Meeting

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