Today’s Headlines

  • Manslaughter Trial Begins for Cast-Wearing Driver Who Killed Man at 14th and Noe (AP via KTVU)
  • San Leandro Scales Back on East Bay BRT Plans (Daily Review)
  • Study Shows Only 35 Percent of SF Transit Commuters Arrive in 1.5 Hours (SF ExaminerAtlantic Cities)
  • Senior Muni Rider Gets $100 Fine For 5-Cent Shortage (CBS 5)
  • Mercury News: Gov. Brown Must Sign Bill Giving Silicon Valley Fair Representation on MTC
  • El Cerrito Pledges Safety Upgrades at Site of  Pedestrian Fatality (KTVU)
  • Mountain View Driver Charged With Running Light, Killing Man on Sidewalk (SF Examiner, PA Online)
  • Muni Building Massive Bus Facility at Islais Creek (
  • Of Course People Will Ride California HSR (Atlantic CitiesSFGateSF Examiner)
  • CAHSR Faces New Challenges After Senate Vote (Mercury News)
  • Experts Urge Commuters to Bike, Carpool, Use Transit After Consecutive Spare the Air Days (SFGate)
  • Noe Valley Residents Dislike Proposal to Remove J-Church Stop at 30th St. (Noe Valley Voice)
  • SFWeekly: BART Bathroom Closures Lead Some to Go in Elevators, Causing Public Health Issue

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  • Fran Taylor

    Workers at the massive Muni facility being built on Islais Creek will lack one important amenity: Muni service. The T and #19 run within (long) walking distance, but no bus runs near there east-west (the #48 is way away from this area). CC Puede has been pounding on this lack of Muni service in the eastern Cesar Chavez corridor for years, but the MTA seems not to care that its own workers can’t use its own buses to commute to its own workplace.

  • The case at Noe/14th really underscores why I despise George Gascon. Here we have a man who was advised by his doctors not to drive and drove anyway, using his car in a non-standard manner which he could not handle. That is *not* gross negligence(???), but if Chris Bucchere ran a stop sign several blocks away from the actual incident where he entered the intersection on yellow, legally, it *is* gross negligence.

    If Bucchere meets the standard for gross negligence – maybe he does – for Wilcox gross negligence is a slam dunk.

  • mikesonn

    Enter mode of transport. It’s that simple to call Gascon on his bias.

  • Palo Alto Bike Plan story

  • Jwpschaub

    “Under Islais Creek”?  I think you missed ‘construction’, because this certainly isn’t going beneath a waterway.

  • Davistrain

    I saw the entry about Muni eliminating the 30th & Church stop on the J-line, and thought: It wasn’t that long ago that J cars HAD to stop there because it was the end of the track.  Stop-spacing has been a transit conundrum ever since the first electric streetcar started running.  Let’s face it, if most of us had our “druthers”, we’d have a chauffeur-driven limo on 24 hour call to pick us up at our doorsteps and take us where we wanted to go.