Today’s Headlines

  • In First Month of All-Door Boarding, Muni Fare Revenue Higher Than Last Year (SF Examiner)
  • MTC HQ Move “Likely Legal” But Financially Risky (SF ExaminerCoCo TimesSFGate)
  • Northeast Mission Merchants Rally Against New Business-Boosting Parking Meters (Mission Local)
  • Valet Bike Parking Popular Among America’s Cup Spectators (Change Your Life Ride a Bike)
  • Cyclist Recovers Stolen Wheels in San Leandro Police Sting (Plattyjo)
  • Road Raging Driver Assaults Other Driver With Windshield Wiper in the Mission (Mission Local)
  • Palo Alto Seeks Grant Funding for Bike Bridge Over Hwy 101 (Palo Alto Online)
  • BART to San Jose Extension Receives $40M in Construction Funding (CBS 5)
  • Systemic Failure: New VTA Guidelines for Bicycle Facilities Are a Step Backward
  • Goes Behind the Scenes With a Crew Installing New Vinyl Seats
  • Study Shows CAHSR Will be Greener Than Alternatives (East Bay Express)
  • Funds From SF’s Local Carbon Tax Sit Unused (SF Weekly)

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