Sunnyvale Cool Forum: Rethinking Parking

From Sunnyvale Cool:

How have parking practices shaped our cities and transportation choices?  How much does parking really cost?  What are the trade-offs in providing too much or too little parking?  How can parking requirements be set based on empirical data?  What are other cities doing to update parking practices and what are the results? What strategies and policies can be considered to make parking requirements more flexible?
Brian Canepa, Principal at Nelson\Nygaard Transportation Consulting, brings an analytical eye to parking practices that so often go unexamined.
This free presentation is made possible by a generous grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  Hosted by  Co-sponsored by Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter, Transform, Acterra, Transition Silicon Valley, Greenbelt Alliance, GreenTown Los Altos, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, American Planning Association California Northern Section. (AICP CM 1.5 pending).  Snacks provided. No charge.

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