Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Bus Vandal Pleads Not Guilty (SFGateSFExamSFWeeklyABCMarinIJ)
  • Balboa Park BART, Muni Station Short-Term Improvements On the Way (SFExam)
  • Muni’s 76-Marin Headlands Line Slated for Improvements (SFExam)
  • Muni Riders Have No Recourse After Clipper Reader Tags Wrong Time (MuniDiaries)
  • Bay Bikers Blog Suggests Cycling to the Polls for Election Day
  • Overhead Wire to Round Up the Local and National Transpo-Related Election Results
  • Bicyclist Struck, Seriously Injured by Car Driver in Downtown Oakland (Oak Trib)
  • Concord Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Says “Sunlight and Condensation” Blinded Him (CoCo Times)
  • American Communities Survey: SF, Oakland Have 4th and 7th Highest Bicycling Rates in U.S. (Merc)
  • EBBC Helps Oakland Cyclists Light Up on Night After Daylight Savings (KTVU)
  • AC Transit to Host Workshops on East Bay BRT Station Design (CoCo Times)

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  • Fran Taylor

    Why do these drivers blinded by the sun never run into a concrete wall? Maybe if they hit a cop car now and then, they’d actually get a ticket instead of a sympathetic pat.

  • Ted King

    s/76-Marin Headlines/76-Marin Headlands/

    SFMuni #76 route desc.:

  • Anyone interested in my series on European cities, the third, “Sparkling, Technicolor Prague,” is out:

    Tidbits: Prague is not a great bicycling city but they have made large swaths of their inner city historic area into car-free pedestrian zones and have plans to do more. Turns out it is very good for business.

  • Guest

    Cycling to the polls? They should be walking-distance, always.

  • Guest

     Or slow down?

  • Makes sense in dense urban areas, but doesn’t work in a lot of places.

  • That clipper card story is about my wife and a friend of ours.

    I’m happy to report that while they’re not yet in the clear, I reached out to our supervisor (Olague) and Ed Reiskin (SFMTA director). I didn’t hear from Olague, but thanks to Reiskin an investigator called us and is trying to sort out what happened.

  • Davistrain

    Cycling to the polling place is a good way to demonstrate that bikes are practical transportation, not just sporting goods.  Although I’m not currently cycling, I still have a negative reaction when I see a car (often a Volvo) with bikes in a rack on top.  It’s rather like seeing horses being schlepped around in a high-end horse
     trailer and thinking about the olden days of cowboys, stagecoaches and horse-drawn wagons.

  • Anonymous

    @01a0b83d2f12381487c312a830fc3d73:disqus Walking distance from your house, but what if you’re not coming from your house? I go to the polls directly from work, and I bike to work, so therefore I will bike to the polls.

  • KillMoto

    “Concord Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Says “Sunlight and Condensation” Blinded Him”
    If I were the DA, I’d be salivating.  If ever there was a more direct admission of criminally negligent homicide, I’ve never heard it. 

  • KillMoto

    Or stop? 

  • My precinct is half the size of San Francisco, it was 3 miles to our precinct. Despite the large size, when we arrived at 2 PM, we were the 36th and 37th voters yesterday.