Eyes on the Street: Progress on Market/Valencia Turn, Green Paint on Fell

Green paint now highlights the Fell Street bike lane from Scott to Divisadero. Photos: Mark Dreger

Improvements on two of San Francisco’s most important bicycling links continue to take shape: Green paint now graces the first block of the Fell Street separated bike lane, and much of the visible construction has been completed on the left-turn bicycle lane and traffic signal going in at Market and Valencia Streets.

Streetsblog reader Mark Dreger sent in photos of the improvements today, noting that the green paint on Fell highlights the beginning of the bike lane west of Scott Street, and there is now a longer segment of dashed green markings extending from the area where bike riders merge with drivers queuing up at the Arco gas station. SFMTA crews laid down the basic stripes of the bike lane last week, including the outline of a bike box and an advanced stop line for cars at the Divisadero intersection.

At Market and Valencia, Department of Public Works crews appear to have mostly completed the concrete work, which involved cutting out a section of the sidewalk (formerly an unused curb cut) and installing an island that sets off the area where left-turning cyclists queue up. Bike traffic continuing straight through the intersection will be routed around the left of the island, according to the project plans, meaning there will be a short stretch with no buffer zone. One of two bicycle traffic signal heads has also been installed. SFMTA crews still have to add markings for the left-turn lane and activate the new traffic signals.

Update: Mike Sallaberry of the SFMTA’s Livable Streets Subdivision said the traffic signals are expected to be activated this week.

See more photos after the break.

The left-turn queuing area at Market and Valencia.

A new bicycle traffic signal (unactivated) was installed on Market's center median, which was shortened to clear the way for bicyclists turning on to Valencia.
New dashed-green markings on Fell approaching the Arco gas station.
  • Guest

    The Valencia is garbage IMO.
    You can fit only like two bikers and they added an island?

    Good thing I saw this before heading home.. it’s flipping dark by 5pm.

  • Guest

    Valencia turn off from Market… minor correction.

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  • Mario Tanev

    Does the island really contribute anything? I’d rather the island be gone and let those going straight actually go straight. If I were going straight, I would probably still go to the right of the island, given that it’s not common for many bicyclists to make a left turn at the same time, so most of the time there will be space.

    Good to see this coming along. I hate crossing the tracks at a tiny angle depending on traffic.

  • Anonymous

    Now if we can only get that tow truck company to stop parking their trucks on the bike lane on Fell then can we start calling this green paint a success.

  • mike

    Over one third of bike traffic on Market turns left at Valencia in the evening rush hour, so there could be a fair number of people waiting in the bike bay.

  • mike

    This is not considered a new signal like Page/Stanyan, so the bicycle signals will be turned on fairly quickly – this week if everything goes as planned.

  • Thanks for the update, Mike, I added that in.

  • J

    While the Fell/Oak project is amazing overall, the situation in front of the Arco station pretty much sucks. Sandwiching bicyclists between two lanes of moving cars is a far cry from a low-stress bike lane, no matter how much green paint you install.