Today’s Headlines

  • Bike Lanes Proposed for North End of Great Highway (Ocean Beach)
  • SFGate: “Blue Greenway” Transformation Providing Needed Open Space on SF’s Waterfront
  • SFPD Still Seeking Hit-Run Driver Who Struck Teen on Christmas Day (SF Weekly)
  • SFGate Highlights 9 Months of Transit Gains, Setbacks
  • Bay Bridge Repairs Due to Oil Tanker Crash May Cost up to $3M (ABCCBS)
  • Security System for New Bay Bridge East Span to Cost $31M, up from $8M Estimate (SFGateKTVU)
  • BART Nabs Bike Thief, Releases Pictures of Recovered Items (ABC)
  • MTC Approves $12.5M SMART Train Extension to North Santa Rosa (Press Demo)
  • Lower Sales Tax Vote Threshold Could Help Solano County Pass Road Repair Measure (Times-Herald)
  • “Bicycle Traffic School” Ticket Reduction Program Started in East Bay (SFGate)
  • SamTrans Begins Performance Tweaks to 19 Bus Schedules Sunday (SF Exam)
  • Atlantic Cities: Silicon Valley Could Reform Itself Into a “Manhattan” With More Density, Transit

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  • What is this obsession of East Coasters to fix Silicon Valley, which while not a utopia is really not that bad, instead of trying to reform some place like Denver which is busy building more freeways?

  • Anonymous

    For another useless comparison: isn’t the Silicon Valley the New Jersey of the bay area?  

    What really gets me is when these kind of articles completely ignore geography and social history.  I mean, that’s what makes the Silicon valley NOT manhattan.  Plus I’m never really sure what is meant by making something into manhattan, other than building skyscrapers and possibly a subway.

    The thesis I can agree on is that SF is not Manhattan but not for the reasons the author claims.  I don’t know enough about NYC to speculate or project too much, but wouldn’t a dense area surrounded by water with a subway that people commute to for work in a high rise office BE manhattan-esque? Or has Manhattan really finished transforming into a city for the rich to play in and all the work gets done in Brooklyn?  in that case… maybe SF IS like Manhattan.

    I noticed the author or editor’s comment about all the “surprisingly” well protected nature that abounds.  The particular wildlife preserve mentioned serves the important purpose of storing our water, plus we don’t have the colonial legacy of chopping down every tree in sight to the same extent as they do on the East Coast.  It’s not that we just happened to do any of the things that we’ve done like building over flat farm land or preserving a watershed.  There’s so much ignoring of why or how something has come into existence with this type of article that there’s no sense of space or time and therefore nothing of substance to consider.

  • Anonymous

    Given the author’s comment about the “fancy” restaurants being in strip malls, I’d say he hasn’t visited Silicon Valley in like 15-20 years. Even a cursory check on shows that the vast majority $$$ restaurants are in walking districts in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Los Gatos, etc.