Today’s Headlines

  • Lowering CA’s Two-Thirds Vote Threshold for Tax Increases Could Help Transit Agencies (SF Exam)
  • Woman Walking at Mission and 14th Injured by Muni Bus Driver (KTVUCYLRAB)
  • Woman on Bike, 55, Injured by Left-Turning Driver on the Great Highway Sunday (SF Appeal)
  • JFK Parking-Protected Bike Lanes Still Just Don’t Sit Right With Some People (Richmond SF)
  • San Jose Motorist Found Guilty for Pedestrian Murders, Cyclist Assault (Merc)
  • San Rafael Offers Commuter Incentives to Try Transit, Carpooling (Greater Marin)
  • Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Nearing Completion (CoCo Times)
  • MTC Seeks $32M More for HQ Relocation (SF Exam); CoCo Times Doesn’t Like It

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  • Mom on a Bike

    I’m downright sick of the JFK bike-lane naysayers getting local blogs to publish their specious arguments.

    You know what I think is dangerous?

    –SF continues to fail to daylight intersections, so near-collisions with cars gunning it after stop signs pretty much happens on the regular.

    –SFPD can’t be bothered to enforce any moving violations except when politics are involved (i.e. the bi-monthly bike crackdowns)

    –We have one road with a parking-protected bike lane and 3,000 others that are so wide that drivers feel safe driving at excessive speeds.

    Someone, get me an interview!

  • mikesonn


  • Anonymous

    WRT the driver hitting the cyclist on the Great Highway, do drivers ever beat the failure to yield when the vehicle they fail to yield to is a bicycle? It seems hard to argue that the bicycle sped up to beat the car. In my personal and anecdotal experience this is often a big FU from the car/truck driver in a might makes right kind of way.

    California Vehicle Code Section 21801(a)
    “The driver of a vehicle intending to turn left or complete
    a u-turn upon a highway or turn left into public or private property or
    alley shall yield the right of way to all vehicles approaching from the
    opposite direction which are close enough to constitute a hazard at any
    time during the turning movement and shall continue to yield the right
    of way to the approaching vehicles until the left or u-tun can be made
    with reasonable safety”

  • Davistrain

    All the reports of pedestrians being struck by motor vehicles brought up the thought that providing citizens with reflective safety vests like construction workers and train crews wear might help.  It would make pedestrians more visible to drivers under conditions of poor visibility, and it might (but don’t hold your breath) shame city officials into realizing
    that the streets as they exist today are as hazardous as a construction site or a railroad yard. This comment can be taken as serious or satirical–your pick.