A Week of Bikes on BART: How’s Your Commute Been?

In the third day of BART’s week-long trial to let bikes aboard during rush hours, the sky doesn’t seem to have fallen, just as it didn’t in the first trial during Fridays last August.

BART says it’s already received 850 survey submissions in the first two days, and the results will tell if the operation runs smoothly enough to warrant a permanent removal of the ban. But the picture so far from media reports and tweets from BART riders looks pretty regular — and better-than-regular for commuters who are no longer forced to board in the off-hours if they want to use their bikes on either end of their trip.

As KALW’s Isabell Angel noted after observing the Monday commute, “It seems like what hadn’t been working was the ban.”

Meanwhile, take a look at the contrast in Monday coverage from ABC 7, which reported a pretty uneventful day on BART, and KRON 4 below, which focused on the minority of riders who voiced opposition to the change in policy.

Whether you BART with or without a bike, how has your commute been this week? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to fill out the BART survey.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps they should pick a week that does not coincide with spring break?!

  • M.

    Powell station was closed due to a bomb scare for about 40 minutes during Tues. am rush hour. People were vexed but remained orderly and cyclists were patient and waited for less crowded trains once they started again. That is, the cyclists who didn’t just use their wheels to bypass Powell and continue their journeys.

  • Mary

    I am 72 years young, took Bart on Wednesday morning, found the bike riders were rude, 2 riders, just pulled their bikes into the train and didn’t care if they were in anyone’s way, therefore I was kicked many times by other passengers trying to get by, I was sitting in a senior seat. That night on my way home, I had a bike rider sitting in the senior seat, he looked at me then would not give me any eye contact so I spent the whole ride home standing up. My ride is Orinda to Embarcadero . My comment to the bike riders , please think about someone other than yourself.

  • I don’t see how any of this is unique to cyclists. Transit riders are often rude and entitled, blocking the aisle/exits and refusing to vacate seats for seniors and the disabled.

  • Mary, as you know, bicyclists come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and varying degrees of civility, as does much of the human race. To the person in the senior seat you would have been more than justified in saying (in a friendly, cheerful voice), “Young man, I am a senior citizen and you clearly are not. May I have that seat?” I’m pretty sure if you said it loudly enough, the other passengers would have shamed him into getting up.

    Some people were just raised by wolves and need to be reminded about courtesy.

    As to the other bicyclists, they might have cared about being in the way but were not able to maneuver into a better spot? If you feel the addition of bicycles made BART too crowded, you should give that feedback to BART management.

  • Anonymous

    Last time it was “August has low ridership and isn’t representative”. But if there are these times of the year and the week where BART can easily accommodate bikes with little inconvenience to other passengers, doesn’t that just prove the point that a blanket commute hours ban is over reaching? Why not accommodate bikes when bikes can be accommodated?

  • NoeValleyJim

    I am sorry you had a bad experience Mary. I am a regular rider and I sometimes find that I have to chastise other cyclists on their manners. I wish I had ridden with you so that you could have had my support.


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