Health Happens in the Workplace 2013

From Transform:

At Health Happens in the Workplace, April 30th at Microsoft, Silicon Valley Leadership Group members and other partners will dive into the details of how successful companies are making it easy, fun and safe to bike, walk or take transit, how to measure the ROI on your Wellness Program, and the latest in tech apps to improve health and activity. Register Today.

Learn best practices from industry leaders, including how to measure return on investment from wellness programs.

Find out why and how encouraging biking, walking and even transit improve employee health, retention and productivity (and corporate bottom lines).

Discover how the Affordable Care Act promotes wellness and how you can take advantage of these new opportunities.

Try the latest in tech apps and gadgets that promote wellness.


Bus Stop Consolidation: The Times Have Changed

Flickr photo: erik kuo Does the 14-Mission really need to stop at every block on Mission Street? Does the 21-Hayes? Consolidating bus stops could speed transit vehicles and reduce dwell time, saving service hours that could be used to increase frequencies and add hours of operation. Yet the MTA has avoided the topic for years, […]