Eyes on the Street: Your Photos of City Employees Parking Obnoxiously

Last month, we asked for photos of public servants parking obnoxiously, and our readers delivered. Here are some select snapshots of city vehicles parked egregiously without an emergency in sight.

It may be a stereotype, but cafes and donut shops actually do seem to be magnets for illegally parked city vehicles  — regardless of the blockages that result. Here, Claire Vlach spotted a couple of cops making a stop at La Boulange, blocking the transit lane on Sutter Street and delaying a number of Muni lines, like the notoriously overcrowded and sluggish 30-Stockton:

Photo: Claire Vlach

Firefighters get donut and coffee cravings too. James Corrigan spotted this fire truck left blocking a traffic lane on Judah Street at 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset. While they’re not blocking the N-Judah, at least, the truck was left sitting between a boarding island and the sidewalk, leaving car drivers and bike riders with the choice of illegally using the raised track bed (which is pretty dangerous on a bike), squeezing over or around the island, or using a different street altogether. When Corrigan asked the firefighters about their parking job, he said they just gave him excuses.

Photo: James Corrigan

The Market Street bikeway continues to be a favorite parking spot for police. Ian Leighton caught this SFPD vehicle parked in the same spot where we spied another police cruiser last September:

Photo: Ian Leighton

But as any regular Market bike commuter knows, the range of vehicles in San Francisco’s premier “protected” bike lanes is diverse. It includes mail trucks, maintenance trucks, and even Muni buses.

Photo: Jamison Wieser
Photo: Mike Klaas
Photo: Mike Klaas

Leighton also spotted this trifecta of vehicles in the 7th Street bike lane at Bryant Street, as if SoMa’s streets weren’t already hairy enough:

Photo: Ian Leighton
Photo: Ian Leighton

To cap it off, Corrigan shows us the handiwork of the most obnoxious parker in his neighborhood. With access to a city vehicle, this person can apparently park anywhere with impunity. Here, we see the car parking in what Corrigan says is its typical location: blocking a fire hydrant and encroaching on a crosswalk at 10th Avenue and Kirkham Street.

Photo: James Corrigan
  • Anonymous

    Dynamic, demand management parking may be helpful. The system sets the price to encourage better use of parking garages, and keep ~1 space open per block. If the market rates are adjusted over time, an officer, etc. would much more likely find a spot on otherwise packed streets.

    More info at “High Cost of Free Parking” Donald Shoup

  • Nathanael

    We need to remove these “privileges to break the law” which are held by the people who consider themselves to be Noble Lords.

    They are supposed to be public servants. Perhaps, like traditional servants, they should be beaten when they disobey the public. 😉

  • blurp’d

    Well see a black and white gets to park in shitty spots. For many reasons. But one of em is because when you mom/sister/brother/dad/friend/kitten/llama is getting some form of nefarious activities forced upon them, I ain’t running 2 blocks to my car. I’m in it mo ricky tick.

    So yea. Sorry y’all dont like it.


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