Wanted: Your Photos of Public Servants Parking Obnoxiously

Photos: Aaron Bialick

As rampant as illegal parking is in San Francisco, there’s one group of drivers who are the champs when it comes to finding the most egregious places to leave their vehicles: police officers, mail truck drivers, and other public servants who use city vehicles.

We’d like to see your photos of city vehicles parked on sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, and all the other places where city workers just can’t seem to resist taking advantage of the fact that SFMTA parking enforcement officers will almost certainly turn a blind eye.

Now, it’s certainly not the case that most city workers park badly, or that they’re the only guilty parties. And sure, in cases of emergency, police officers sometimes need to park haphazardly.

But they should be setting an example for the rest of the city. And given the vast swaths of public space already given over to vehicles, do police cruisers and mail trucks really need to block the few designated places for pedestrians to cross the street?

Send your submissions to abialick@streetsblog.org.

Double whammy: blocking a crosswalk and bus stop.
This is the scene virtually every day at the jail at 850 Bryant Street, where an entire traffic lane is given over to police cruiser parking. Not sure how they get the curbside cruisers out.


Oakland police patrolling in downtown on bikes. Photo: Oakland Police Department

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