SF BOS Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting: Bike Parking Requirements

Agenda [PDF]:

3. 130528 [Planning, Environment Codes – Bicycle Parking Standards; In Lieu Fee]
Sponsor: Avalos
Ordinance amending the Planning Code to revise the bicycle parking standards, allow a portion of the bicycle parking requirements to be satisfied by payment of an in lieu fee, allow automobile parking spaces to be reduced and replaced by bicycle parking spaces,
and authorize the Zoning Administrator to waive or modify required bicycle parking; amending the Environment Code to revise cross-references to the Planning Code and make technical amendments; and making environmental findings, Planning Code, Section 302, findings, and findings of consistency with the General Plan and the priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1.

From SFBC:

The Board of Supervisors Land Use & Economic Development Committee will be hearing and voting on updates to the Planning Code requirements for bike parking in new and renovated buildings. After unanimous passage at the SF Planning Commission, these changes move forward for final adoption. After years of advocacy from the SF Bicycle Coalition, the Planning Department brought forward changes to require more bike parking in both residential and commercial buildings, and a slew of other ways to improve the security of bike parking all across the city. Find out more at sfbike.org/planningcode.



Revamped Bike Parking Requirements Clear Final Hurdle at Board of Supes

A citywide overhaul of bicycle parking requirements for new development will be adopted after the Board of Supervisors approved the legislation unanimously on Tuesday. The ordinance will, by and large, increase bike parking requirements for new residential and commercial buildings, which have been put in place on a piecemeal basis since 1996. Planning Department staff […]

SF Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee

Agenda and schedule Of note: 2 [Planning Code – Zoning – Establishing Consistent Setback, Street Frontage, Off-Street Parking, and Other Planning Code Requirements and Procedures Across Various Use Districts]2. 101053Sponsor: MirkarimiOrdinance amending the San Francisco Planning Code by amending Sections 124, 132.2, 136, 144, 145, 145.1, 145.5, 150, 151.1, 155, 161, 186, 206.3, 209.8, 210.3, 212, 231, 243, 253, […]

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda and schedule Of note: 1. 11016 [Appointment, Transbay Joint Powers Authority – Carter R. Rohan] Resolution confirming the appointment of Carter R. Rohan, R. A., to serve on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority as an Alternate Member for Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. (Municipal Transportation Agency) 16. 110240 [Accept and Expend Grant – Electric Vehicle Charging […]

Planning Department Looks to Boost Bike Parking Requirements

Buildings in San Francisco would be required to include more bicycle parking under legislation being developed by the Planning Department. The proposal [PDF] would set consistent guidelines for the number of bike racks required for different types of buildings — covering both on-street bike parking for visitors or in an enclosed area for residents and workers. […]