Today’s Headlines

  • BART Unions Blast Negotiator (SFGate, SF ExamKTVU, ABC); A Look at Rising Pension Costs (Merc)
  • BART Displays Model Train Cars of the Future at MacArthur Station (CoCo TimesCBS)
  • Chris Bucchere Pleads Guilty (SFGate)
  • More on Plan Bay Area’s Passage From Jason Henderson (SFBG), Plus Discussion on KQED Forum
  • An 11-Year-Old’s Take on Biking in San Francisco (HuffPo)
  • Stanley Roberts Has a Field Day With This Bike-Only Stop Sign in Berkeley
  • By Allowing Private Shuttles to Use Muni Stops, is the SFMTA “Bowing” Down? (NY Mag)
  • Fire Chief Requests Firing of Firefighter Who Injured Motorcyclist in DUI Truck Crash (SF GateABC)
  • Four Hospitalized After Double-Decker Open-Air Tour Bus Hits Power Line (CoCo TimesCBS, KTVU)
  • Sightseeing Bus Driver Who Was Arrested for DUI Pleads Not Guilty (KTVUSF Examiner)
  • Driver Plows Into San Jose Bike Partiers, Injuring Two, and Flees (Mercury News)
  • SUV Driver Kills Kirk Peterson, Who Crossed Highway 280 to Help Crash Victims (SF GateCoCo Times)
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  • Mario Tanev

    The rhetoric we see from the DA just doesn’t match the rhetoric from other really serious accidents caused by drivers. Apparently only people on bikes need to receive the message.

  • Anonymous

    Car kills pedestrian? No media reportage, no charges, no ‘messages sent.’ Bike? Weeks of breathless media coverage, public scoldings of all who travel by bike, and serious legal action.

    Bias, bias, bias.