Bay Area Bike Share to Launch August 29 (Not 28)

Photo: Bay Area Bike Share

The official launch date for Bay Area Bike Share is Thursday, August 29, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced today. The BAAQMD corrected the August 28 date announced yesterday by the Valley Transportation Authority and reported in some media outlets.

In a statement, Mayor Ed Lee called the launch “the first step in our city’s efforts to build a world-class bike share system for San Francisco.” The system will initially include just 700 bikes — likely far below the number of bikes needed to meet demand — and BAAQMD still says the system will be expanded to 1,000 bikes in the first quarter of 2014.

“Bay Area Bike Share will give San Francisco’s residents and visitors access to a bike when they want one,” said Lee. “It’s an easy, convenient, affordable and healthy transportation option that we’re eager to add to our transportation network, and we look forward to seeing Bay Area Bike Share transform the way we move around San Francisco.”

As we reported, Alta Bike-Share began installing stations in San Jose early last week, and the VTA said on Twitter today that Mountain View and Palo Alto would be next in line. Update: The “majority” of San Francisco’s stations will be installed next week, according to BAAQMD spokesperson Karen Schkolnick.

You can sign up for a Bay Area Bike Share membership on the system’s website.

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  • Guest

    $9 for day use is a bit more than I would want to pay… Considering MUNI is only $2 per trip, or typically $4 a day… As you drop the price, you increase the usage. But if your market is the local commuter, $88 sounds like a deal. I just wish I could try it first.

  • Anonymous

    The yearly membership is a great deal for regular users. However, for visitors, I think the 3-day is a decent deal. I just used Capital Bike Share while in DC, and though theirs is a little cheaper ($15 for 3 days versus $22 here in the Bay Area), it was way better than taking public transit. You have the freedom to go where you want without dealing with figuring out which route to take and which station to get on and off at. And you have unlimited access, so you can make as many trips as you want. Sure, if you’re just taking an easy trip somewhere right where Muni goes, then yeah, bike share isn’t for you. But I was surprised at how useful I found it.

    The big challenge, however, is improving the bike infrastructure in SF (and the Peninsula) so visitors can just head off in whatever direction they want and not worry about finding themselves on some god-forsaken freeway-type road like most of those in Soma. DC doesn’t have entire neighborhoods of multi-lane roads like Soma (though they are a bunch that pass through the city, you can easily go one block over to get off them whereas in Soma you’re pretty screwed … all the roads are at least 4 lanes and designed like freeways). So it works pretty well there because, even though their bike infrastructure isn’t that great, it’s generally easy to find 2-lane roads with slow traffic. SF has a long, long way to go if they really want to have ma and pa tourist jumping on a bike to check out the city. However, I suspect that in SF, like in DC, the majority of the customers will be local commuters, and for that it works great and is a fantastic deal financially.

  • idkk

    If you know anyone who is getting a membership, they get some free passes for friends. They’ve also been giving away 24-hour passes at some events (First Fridays in San Jose for example) in order for people to try it out.

  • Bob Gunderson

    Make these big monster cars and I’m in!

  • Anonymous

    We get a season’s pass to Heavenly and they include a couple of lift tickets at Vail or Breckenridge.

    Given that these are all Alta Bike Share, why not throw in a couple of free day passes for the other systems in with a local bikeshare membership, e.g. if I buy an annual membership to BABS, it comes with 2-3 one day memeberships for Divvy or Citibike, activatable solely with my BABS fob….

  • Mark Dreger

    So all that fuss about a custom skirt/jacket guard and it’s clear plastic. Meh.

  • mikesonn

    That would be awesome!

  • mikesonn

    Maybe they have another sticker to add? Or waiting for corporate sponsorship and leaving that open?

  • mikesonn

    4 of the 7 stations are already setup in RWC.


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