Today’s Headlines

  • Driver to Be Charged for Slamming Into Car at Pine and Gough, Killing Boy, Injuring Two (ABC, KRON)
  • Man Rides Water Bike Across Bay, Claims It’ll Be the New Transbay Commute (SFGateNBC, Merc 1, 2)
  • Mission Local Looks at the Dangers of Walking on South Van Ness Avenue
  • Supe Wiener Repeats: Bay Area Bike Share Needs a Corporate Sponsor to Expand (SF Weekly)
  • News Flash: Rise in Car Commuting on Bay Bridge Means Longer Car Commutes (SFGate)
  • Calls for Ban on BART Strikes Grow Among State Legislators on Both Sides of the Aisle (Mercury News)
  • Caltrain Looks to Buy Trains With Level Boarding, Despite Incompatibility With HSR (Green Caltrain)
  • NBC Looks For Answers About the CAHSRA’s Questionable Selection of Contractor Tutor Perini
  • TAM Board Approves Funds for SMART, Bike/Ped Upgrades at Greenbrae Interchange (Marin IJ)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches Drivers Illegally Entering Bus Zone at Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station
  • In Atherton, Ped Killed in Hit-and-Run (KTVU); Passenger Killed in Car Crash (SFGate)
  • San Carlos to Use Parking Sensors to Help Enforce Time Limits, Still Won’t Charge to Park (SM Daily)

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  • Anonymous

    Caltrain won’t automatically get level boarding if it chooses electric trains that support it; they will still need to change platforms. Also, level boarding and HSR compatibility may not be mutually exclusive, but there are challenges in doing both, see this post for more info:

  • Erik Griswold

    Want to commit murder and remain anonymous? Use a car in San Francisco!

  • Drivers illegally using transit lanes in Dublin! I’m shocked!

  • Drivers illegally using transit lanes in Dublin! I’m shocked!

  • Henry

    Lady who slammed into the Sans’ van at Pine and Gough identified, released on $300,200 bail

  • Jeffrey Baker

    80MPH on a neighborhood street. Unbelievable.

  • paul

    Saw someone going 60+ down 23rd St in Noe Valley Wednesday night. Not as uncommon as you’d think.

  • Phil

    Erik, She was named – Jennie Zhu, aged 58.

  • Erik Griswold

    It was released as I was making the post.

  • That only works for murdering random strangers. The most gratifying murders are when it’s your enemies, and the car technique doesn’t apply then.

  • Anonymous

    But how hard would they investigate a hit man who uses a car instead of a gun?

  • Fair point. But a professional hit man might prefer to avoid even a cursory investigation.

  • tongjun