Today’s Headlines

  • After Double Parking Hearing (CBS), Mission Bus Hits Car While Passing Double-Parker (KTVU)
  • SFPD Continues Wiggle Stings on Bike Commuters Before Hearing on Anti-Bike Bias (SFBG, Exam)
  • Perfect for SF: Bay Area Man Designs New Type of Electric Cargo Bike (ABC)
  • John Bela of SF’s Rebar Spends Park(ing) Day in Copenhagen (Cities for People)
  • Stanley Roberts Catches Drivers Illegally Passing Stopped Cable Cars
  • Widower Struggles to Cope as Community Remembers Woman Run Over in Holly Park (KTVU)
  • Planning Comm. to Consider SoMa Office Building With Parking for 54 Bikes, 12 Cars (SocketSite)
  • More on SFCTA’s Proposal to Move M-Ocean View Underneath 19th Avenue (Xpress)
  • BART Invites Riders to Try Seats for Future Trains (SFGate); Union Offers New Wage Proposal (CBS)
  • AC Transit Workers to Vote on New Labor Contract (Business Times)
  • More Coverage of Oakland’s 40th Street Green Carpet Sharrows From East Bay Express
  • San Carlos Planning Commission Postpones Vote on Transit Village Development (SM Daily Journal)

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  • As to SF man “invents” new electric cargo bike, I applaud the cargo bike! Looks like good value for the price. And I applaud any news station giving cargo bikes any kind of coverage! But there are many, many electric cargo bikes out there (most that can haul over 200 lbs, not 100), and people have been electrifying cargo bikes for at least two decades. What this guy did was come up with a slightly different steering mechanism. I think this particular modification more merits the headline “designs” rather than “invents.” Anyway, here’s hoping we see many more cargo bikes (and fewer delivery trucks) on our city streets.

  • 94103er

    Yeah really. Love the line about ‘back when I needed a gallon of milk I had to drive to the store.’ Uh…rear rack? Basket? Bungee-cord a milk crate to your $100 beater? There, I just saved you $3,300. Sheesh.

    But, hey, if he’s making cargo bikes cool, I’m down with that. I do feel like a bit of a spectacle riding around with mine these days.