SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting


Of note:

16. Approving bicycle and traffic modifications on Folsom Street between 11th Street and 4th Street as part of a pilot program to test traffic lane removal as follows:

A. ESTABLISH: LANE REMOVAL (18 month trial) -Folsom Street, 4th-11th Street


B. ESTABLISH: RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT EXCEPT TRANSIT (18 month trial) Folsom Street at 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Street. (Explanatory documents include a staff report, graphic and resolution. This action constitutes the Approval Action for purposes of CEQA. The Planning Department has issued a CEQA exemption determination, which is on file with the Secretary of the SFMTA Board of Directors. Following approval of the item, the CEQA determination is subject to appeal within 30 days. For information on filing a CEQA appeal, contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.)



Supes Reject Legal Appeal Against Fell/Oak Bikeways and Ped Upgrades

A legal appeal filed against protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety upgrades on three blocks of Fell and Oak Streets was rejected unanimously by the Board of Supervisors yesterday. Construction on the project, currently underway the SF Municipal Transportation Agency beginning with the Fell Street protected bike lane, will not be halted by the appeal. […]