Today’s Headlines

  • Supe Avalos Proposes Reqs for “Equitable” Distribution of Future Muni Funds, Wiener Rebuts (CBS)
  • Wiener Late to SFCTA Committee Meeting Due to Muni Power Outage (CBS)
  • Can Future Warriors Arena Traffic Problems Be Avoided With Efficient Transportation? (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Board Approves Ban on Tour Buses Around Alamo Square (SF Weekly)
  • SFMTA Board Reviews Effectiveness of Overnight Parking Ban for Large Vehicles (Ocean Beach)
  • Wiener Calls for Hearing on Impact of All the “Vital but Disruptive” Street Construction Going On (ABC)
  • Bernal Heights Online Store Owner Delivers Products by Electric Cargo Bike (Bernalwood)
  • Parking Lots Like This One in the Inner Richmond Used to Be Homes (Richmond SF)
  • KQED Delves Into the Complications of Car Insurance for Ride-Share Drivers (1, 2)
  • Vallejo Man Killed After Being Hit by Driver, Dragged for Half Mile by Another, Elderly Driver (KTVU)
  • Former Caltrans Director Proposes Ballot Measure to Double CA’s Vehicle License Fee (SacBee, Merc)
  • How Davis is Making Bicycling Mainstream (Santa Monica Next)

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  • mikesonn

    Menlo Park PD using the word “accident”.

    But had a nice twitter exchange w/ Jesse Quirion and it sounds like they’ll start working to change that.

  • mikesonn

    Major kudos to the City of San Mateo on looking to more properly price parking in their downtown.

  • shamelessly

    I agree that the southeast part of the city is underserved by city services in general, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot by trying to buttress that argument by claiming “If you go into other neighborhoods, buses are on-time and get you where you need to go.” I don’t think you’ll find anyone anywhere in SF who agrees that that statement applies to their local transit lines.

    Is there any solid data on transit density and transit reliability for different SF neighborhoods?
    Ultimately I have to agree with Wiener that at the end of the day, putting MTA funds back in the hands of the Board of Supervisors doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  • njudah

    Once again progressives show their thirst for defunding Muni and f*cking it up. Avalos would exchange years of work creating the TEP and exchange it for politically correct bullshit that would ruin Muni. Seriously, can someone recall this guy or something? he’s a menace, as is that punk Eric Mar.

  • njudah

    We have plenty of data, it’s called the TEP, to suggest that somehow some parts are a paradise of Muni while Avalos’s district is not served is classic bullshit put out by a small number of people who like to invent facts.

    Avalos is a well known liar, but this is a bit much even for him.

  • mikesonn

    The southeast has the T-line. Oh wait, the T-line sucks. Oh wait, we are extending it.

  • Mark Dreger

    And this is why we’re working on improving the 9-San Bruno line. Transit first!

    Oh wait..

  • SFnative74

    To be clear, this quote is a resident’s quote, not Avalos’:

    “If you go into other neighborhoods, buses are on-time and get you where you need to go.”

  • How exactly would the proposed charter amendment defund Muni? From the article: “Under the charter amendment, Muni would receive an additional $70 million beginning in fiscal year 2015.”

  • njudah

    regardless, it’s what is fueling his choose-up-sider silliness. He listens to people who actually say stupid stuff like that and it becomes his agenda.

  • mikesonn