Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD Launches Crackdown on Drivers and Pedestrians After String of Ped Crashes (ABC)
  • Drivers Hit More Peds at Hyde and Bush (SFGate, CBS), California and 17th Ave. (SF Examiner)
  • Motorcycle Rider Injures Elderly Pedestrian at Market and Sixth Streets (SF Appeal)
  • Big Rig Driver Hits Historic Muni Streetcar at Embarcadero and Bay, Injuring Four (NBC, CBS)
  • Isabel Huie, 84, Killed by Out-of-Control Elderly Driver in Chinatown, to be Honored (Examiner)
  • Sup. Kim Calls for Scrutiny of Ride-Share Drivers’ Insurance Coverage After Fatal Crash (KTVU)
  • J-Church Line Blocked for an Hour Due to Stalled Train (SF Appeal)
  • Lombard Street Neighbors Complain About More Tourists on Foot, in Cars (SFGate)
  • Revised BART Labor Contract Signed by One of Two Largest Unions (SFGate)
  • Bay Area’s “Banner Year for Transportation Improvements” All for Car Infrastructure (CoCo Times)
  • Gov. Brown Plans to Use Cap-and-Trade Revenue to Fund Much of CAHSR (SacBee)
  • Top 2013 Complaints From Mercury Roadshow Readers: Full BART Parking Lots, San Jose Bike Lanes

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  • timsmith

    “In coming to a crosswalk and suddenly walking into the roadway is unsafe and in fact is a violation of the vehicle code”

    This statement makes me wonder.

  • Bing Wu

    Today, tickets… tomorrow, back to business as usual… re:”SFPD Launches Crackdown on Drivers and Pedestrians After String of Ped Crashes”

  • jd_x

    The carnage caused by motor vehicles in this city is unbelievable. Yet even more unbelievable is how we can’t see the easy solution: get people out of cars and, when that is not possible, make sure that roads are designed primarily for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit instead of cars. Instead, we are focused on the symptoms rather than the root causes. We need better leadership from our city government so that we start focusing on the root cause of the vast majority of our problems: too many people driving with too little appreciation for the dangers their driving causes.

  • voltairesmistress

    Interesting news (SacBee) that Governor Brown will soon launch his proposal to partly fund CAHSR with Cap and Trade carbon tax revenues. Seems like an appropriate use of those funds to me, even if there are some aspects that aren’t perfect.

  • 94103er

    Otherwise known as: today, victim blaming, tomorrow, more victim blaming.