Forum: Governing Caltrain in the Age of Electrification

From the Bay Rail Alliance:

How does it make sense to govern Caltrain in the age of electrification?

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority is considering the creation of a public-private partnership, charging a toll on Caltrain and HSR riders to help fund the Downtown Extension to the Transbay Terminal.  Would it make sense to have a single private entity operating Caltrain and DTX? Or a single entity operating High Speed Rail, Caltrain, and DTX? Should Caltrain and BART be run by the same entity?  Or should Caltrain stay as it is with more stable funding, better schedule and fare integration?  What can we learn from examples of how rail systems are governed in other places around the world?   What are the considerations here in the Bay Area that affect our choices?   Now is the time for riders, stakeholders, and decision-makers to understand the options that might transform Peninsula Corridor rail in the coming years.


Lou Thompson, Chair, High Speed Rail Peer Review Group and Principal, TGA Assoc, LLC, global consulting for rail systems in the U.S., Europe, South Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Jessica Zenk, Senior Director for Transportation Policy for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Ratna Amin, Transportation Policy Directory, SPUR

Yoriko Kishimoto, former board member, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Representatives of High Speed Rail and Caltrain will be present to answer questions.


It’s a Go for Caltrain Electrification

This morning, during its regular meeting in San Carlos, the nine-member Caltrain board voted unanimously to dedicate $1.25 billion towards electrifying Caltrain. If all goes according to plan, electric services will begin in 2020. “The total program is $2 billion. That includes money for the advanced signal system, which we’re already installing today,” said Jayme Ackemann, spokeswoman […]

SPUR Talk: High-Speed Rail on its Way to Northern California

High-Speed Rail construction is well underway in the Central Valley, said Ben Tripousis, Northern California Regional Director for the California High Speed Rail Authority, during a forum at the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association’s (SPUR) Mission Street center. “The High-Speed Rail question has shifted from ‘if’ to ‘when,'” he told the packed house at today’s […]

Northern California High-Speed Rail Scoping Meeting

Monday evening the California High Speed Rail Authority, in conjunction with Caltrain, held a scoping meeting at the William J. Rutter Center at UCSF in Mission Bay. They answered public questions and took comment on plans to electrify Caltrain and bring high-speed trains from Bakersfield to San Francisco by 2029. Streetsblog readers will recall that […]
A rendering of the Transbay terminal with Caltrain and HSR. Image: Transbay Authority

Is the Caltrain Downtown Extension in Jeopardy too?

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story that made it appear that San Francisco County Transportation Authority  (CTA) Chairman Aaron Peskin wants to shelve the downtown extension of Caltrain, now that the Trump Administration seems to have jammed up funding for Caltrain electrification. From the Chronicle story: …without an electrified Caltrain line, there can […]