Today’s Headlines

  • Deadly Sunset Boulevard: “When is Something Going to Change?” (SFGate)
  • 25-Year-Old Woman Hit by Driver at Junipero Serra and Holloway (CBS)
  • Willie Brown Rant: Peds Are Getting Hit Because of Freeway Removals and Out-of-Control Bicyclists
  • “SAFE Bikes” Voluntary Registry Program to Launch This Week to Help Return Stolen Bikes (Examiner)
  • A Construction Update on the Castro Streetscape Overhaul From the Castro Biscuit
  • Stanley Roberts Wags Fingers at Pedestrians and Drivers at Broadway and Stockton in Chinatown
  • Rainstorm Leads to Car Crashes, Clogged Highways Throughout Bay Area (KTVU 1, 2, ABC)
  • Rain Reveals Leaks in New Bay Bridge East Span (SFGate)
  • Rain Won’t Stop Marin Anti-Smart Growth NIMBYs From Protesting New Apartment Buildings (Marin IJ)
  • KQED Forum Discusses Toll Hikes for the GG Bridge (Do Fare Hikes Ever Get This Much Attention?)
  • Google’s Employee Ferry Trial Ends, Unclear if it Will Return (SFGate, SF Appeal)
  • Driver Facing Charges for Killing Man on Bike in Santa Cruz Blames Tesla’s New Car Smell (SCS)

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  • Fran Taylor

    This is the same Willie Brown who, while mayor, stuck his head out the window of his chauffeur-driven car after it bumped a pedestrian in a crosswalk in North Beach, “You’re not hurt, are you?” The same Willie Brown who hired as police chief Alex Fagan (father of Alex Junior of Fajitagate fame) AFTER Fagan senior had smashed up a parked car on Potrero Hill and fled the scene.

    He’s never gotten over being jeered at during Critical Mass in summer 1997, when riders ignored his pontifications and rode right past. The look on his face! Seventeen years later, still holding a grudge against bicyclists.

  • murphstahoe

    He should shut his trap. Every year that passes a new chunk of SF residents arrive who might only know him as “The guy the bridge is names after” – instead he is bent on sledgehammering his legacy by not understanding that the demographics are switching away from his viewpoints.

  • Gezellig

    As a mostly flat (by SF standards) north-south corridor with that asphalt multi-use path directly connecting Lake Merced and GG Park, Sunset Blvd is an invaluable (and underrated) route for bike and even pedestrian travel. But I suspect a great many would-be users of the route are discouraged in part by its terrible crossings.

    Despite its wide right-of-way I’m always surprised at how much of an afterthought the route has clearly been for eons in terms of planning…the asphalt MUP is riddled with huge bumps from tree roots (these can be dangerous to bikes and pedestrians) and of course the pedestrian crossings are horrid and unconscionable. The east side doesn’t even have a consistent paved path currently. It’s often a Wild Wild West out there for pedestrians and bikes.

    With all the space there there could be major improvements even without a road diet (though I’d be in favor of that, too). As a frequent rider on this route I’d love to see:

    –> the MUP upgraded to a two-way cycletrack + sidewalk (with the wide greenway there’s already space for this even without a road diet, though a road diet would make it even easier)

    –> car road diet with more frequent stops and clear visual barriers leading cars to slow down.

    –> an easy fix that can be done now: *no right turn on reds* from the E-W streets onto Sunset. Cars going eastbound on, say, Santiago approaching Sunset to go south absolutely are mentally gearing up for the near-freeway Sunset is and as such treat the cross-streets as their personal onramps. Because of this when they’re turning right from streets like EB Santiago to SB Sunset they’re almost never looking for pedestrians/bikes on the MUP.

    –> the above point would be even better in conjunction with timed bike lights for the MUP/cycletrack (if it’s upgraded).

    –> a little bit more “wild” but there is probably even space for roundabouts at key intersections (this would allow for continuous car traffic flow while preventing freeway-like straightaway speeding). Just as long as the cycletrack gets this treatment (

  • Gezellig

    Apparently! Wow…just wow. So many logic holes…nay…craters in his statements.

    I think my favorite, though, is that the Embarcadero and Central freeway takedowns are somehow to blame for citywide pedestrian deaths by cars behaving badly.

    Yeah, cuz I’m sure no one ever sped on Sunset or Cesar Chavez/Army before the Embarcadero Fwy was taken down :p

    (of course his retort would probably be that CC and Sunset really should have been developed into freeways in the first place which would be even more amazing).

  • p_chazz

    He has as much right to express his viewpoints as you have to express yours.

  • murphstahoe

    I fully support his right to look like a fool

  • 94103er

    Did you not get the part where he has AN ENTIRE NEWSPAPER at his disposal to publish every idle ill-thought-out comment? Please read the Wikipedia article on ‘plutocracy.’

  • p_chazz

    Yes, the part about how the word is a propaganda term used by fascists and communists against Western democracies was most illuminating.

  • NoeValleyJim

    Does Willie still have a limousine and personal driver?