Ocean Avenue Corridor Walking Tour

From the SFBC:

Join Ocean Avenue CBD and the Planning Department on a walking tour to share ideas of short-term and long-term improvements to this popular corridor. This busy hub is a key bicycle and transit connection to City College, two high schools, and the many shops and restaurants on Ocean Avenue. Learn more about the project here.


Fearmongering Overwhelms Facts at Meeting About Livable Polk Street

A mob mentality ruled at a neighborhood meeting last night on safety improvements for Polk Street, where attendees booed any suggestion that removing car parking to make room for pedestrian and bicycle amenities might be worthwhile. Fact-based discussion was in short supply at the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association meeting. Instead, hyperbole and misinformation were the […]

Ocean Ave to Get Spruced Up, But Real Transformation Will Have to Wait

City planners are shaping up plans for Ocean Avenue, following public workshops that will help develop a vision for both near-term and long-term improvements. The near-term plans, for the commercial stretch of Ocean west of Phelan Avenue and the City College campus, are far along in their development. Meanwhile, a long-term plan for the remainder […]

Geary BRT Plan Watered Down to Appease Parking-Obsessed Merchants

Update: This plan may not be “watered down” after all. See our follow-up report here. Planners are touting a new proposed configuration for Geary Bus Rapid Transit that would forgo bus passing lanes in order to preserve car parking to appease merchants. Separated, center-median bus lanes would be retained, and project backers hope the changes […]

Ocean Ave Corridor Design Workshop 2

From SF DPW [PDF]: The City of San Francisco, in coordination with the Ocean Avenue Association, invites you to the second public workshop for the OCEAN AVENUE CORRIDOR DESIGN PROJECT. We want to hear your ideas on how to beautify the Ocean Avenue Commercial Corridor and improve your experience along Ocean Avenue. On May 14th, […]