Planning Commission Hearing: Plaza Program, Green Connections


Items of Note:

6.  SF PLAZA PROGRAM – Informational presentation – Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development will make an informational presentation on the SF Plaza Program, a new collaborative public realm initiative designed to leverage various City, private, nonprofit and stakeholder group efforts to provide long-term activation, management, and/or maintenance for designated City Plazas. Through this program, the City aims to create an environment where residents and visitors can use public spaces for relaxation and for community supported activities such as art and music events, farmers’ markets, movie nights, local food and retail opportunities.  Proposed changes to the City’s Admin Code (Board File No. 140061), Police Code (Board File No. 140064) and Public Works Code (Board File No. 140063) associated with the SF Plaza Program will also be discussed during this presentation.  An Ordinance associated with the SF Plaza Program that proposes changes to the Planning Code (Board File No. 140062) may also be discussed during this presentation; however, this Ordinance is scheduled to be heard and acted on by the Planning Commission on March 20, 2014.

7. GREEN CONNECTIONS FINAL DRAFT – Informational presentation on the completion of a two year citywide planning effort to identify a Green Connections Network, develop a design toolkit, and complete 6 neighborhood concept designs. Green Connections envisions a network of safe, functional, and attractive streets connecting people to parks, open spaces, and the waterfront.  Staff will provide an overview on the planning process, including community outreach, outcomes, and next steps. This project was funded by a grant from the Strategic Growth Council.


SF Planning Commission Meeting

Agenda On the agenda: Presentation of Department charter: city vision statement; Department mission statement; and a series of value statements Presentation of the Department’s proposed revenue and expenditure supplemental appropriation budget in FY 2012-2013 Presentation of the high-level department work program activities for FY 2013-2014 and FY 2014-2015 Informational Presentation: Sustainable Development Program and Eco-Districts

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WOBO Meeting & Tour

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