Today’s Headlines

  • Chuck Nevius‘ Always-Sophisticated Take on Pedestrian Safety: People Are “Freakin’ Morons”
  • Cabbie Injures Ped at Turk and Van Ness (Weekly); DUI Driver Hits Car at Broadway and VN (Weekly)
  • Uber Has Avoided Offering Condolences to the Family of Sofia Liu, Girl Killed by Driver (SFBG)
  • Muni Metro Could Start Double-Berthing This Spring (SFGate); Muni SF’s Top Twitter Topic (Mashable)
  • After Google Donation, Free Muni Advocates Push for Senior, Disabled Pass Programs (SF Examiner)
  • Media Get a Look at the Central Subway Tunnel (NBCSF ExaminerSFGate)
  • SFMTA’s Shuttle Plans Threatened by CEQA Appeals (Exam); Video: Muni, Shuttles Share Stop (KQED)
  • Stair Mural Completed in Inner Sunset (Synapse); Richmond Residents Mad About Sidewalk Planters
  • Planning Department Updates Citywide Plan for Green Streets, Open Space (SocketSite)
  • Rec and Parks’ Parkwide Bike Rental Posters Depict Sidewalk Biking? Stanley Roberts is On the Case
  • BART Set to Open in San Jose a Year Ahead of Schedule (Mercury News)
  • Two Pedestrians Killed Crossing Highways in San Jose, Fremont Over Weekend (Mercury News)

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  • The best quote in the Nevius piece was buried at the end:

    “I call it modal amnesia,” she said. “Whatever mode you are traveling in, you lose all sympathy for any other mode of transit.”

  • 94103er

    Re the BART extension: Enough’s been said about what a travesty of public waste this is. Adding manure to the pile, in my opinion, is that I’m basically seeing no mention whatsoever of connections to SJC. Does anyone have any idea if they’re planning to have AirBART down there? You can just move the rolling stock on down to that one after the OAC opens, after all….LOL.
    But no, I bet the answer is you’re supposed to transfer to the execrable VTA light rail at Montague *and then* to another shuttle when you get to the Airport station, ‘cos VTA doesn’t even get close enough, does it?

    When will transit in the South Bay stop being an embarrassment?

  • foo

    Not true, as a bicyclist you are much closer and empathetic to pedestrians than cars are. But then Nevius seems to be a driver so he’s certainly right about his own mode.

  • There’s two parts to the SJ BART extension, this is just the first phase. The ambitious second phase calls for building a subway under downtown and wrapping around to the airport and into Santa Clara.

  • Prinzrob
  • Mario Tanev

    Bicyclist-pedestrian interaction is akin to the behavior of people trying to board the bus. Everyone tries to go first, but there is no physical violence. Bikes tend to be more intimidating towards pedestrians than the other way around, and that makes it a somewhat unfair competition. But nowhere near as the relationship with cars.

  • jonobate

    I can’t understand why they’re not considering running the people mover to Diridon station rather than Santa Clara. Given that the terminals are on the west side of the airport, and it’s too costly to tunnel under the runways, the distance from the terminals to Diridon is about the same as to Santa Clara (~3 miles). The connecting transit would be much stronger at Diridon, especially when HSR gets there.

  • Chris J.

    I agree. For example, peds and bicyclists can easily talk to one another unlike drivers in their encasements. I’ve had quick conversations with pedestrians at stop signs like them saying, “Thanks for stopping,” or “No, you go ahead,” etc.

    I’ve seen drivers, on the other hand, roll up their windows and deliberately look only straight ahead to avoid any sort of engagement with someone trying to speak with them (e.g. if they’re double-parked).

  • Great illustration of modal amnesia.

    I know that when I busted up my shoulder falling from my bike and had to walk to work for ~ month, I was initially worried about cars, but quickly learned that it was the cyclists I was feeling most threatened by in the North Slope Potrero area. Cyclists were passing me much closer, faster (at the intersections), and too often blowing through a stop sign, passing between a car stopped for me and me stepping off the curb into a marked crosswalk. I was feeling pretty vulnerable–a ‘light tap’ would have caused me quite a lot of pain.
    I hear the disabled advocates really hate bikes on the sidewalks for the same ‘vulnerable user’ issues…it’s hard to dodge a bike in a wheelchair, or with crutches, etc.
    _You_ may be ‘much closer and empathetic’, but you also may not be the jerk blowing through the stop sign within a foot of my knitting bones.
    The courteous people stopping to chat aren’t the problem.

    Nevius rode on last year’s Ride of Silence on his own bike. But he’s written articles about giving up riding his bike in the city after moving to Condo Gulch due to fear of cars, so I’m not sure he completely misses the cyclist experience. Not saying I agree with him even half the time, though.

  • mikesonn

    The best quote is from the Livable Streets employee. How soon can they be canned?

  • jonobate

    Cyclists can be guilty of intimidating pedestrians. Cyclists are nowhere near as bad as drivers, but it’s still something we should be taking seriously. We don’t need to divide pedestrians and bicyclists when it comes to fighting for better streets.

    This is a rule to live by:

  • Andy Chow

    All VTA needs to do is to extend or start a new shuttle route between Berryessa and SJC. VTA will eventually do some bus planning around that so it is an opportunity to suggest that and whether they would be sensible enough to do it.

    The distance to the airport is about the same from all the other station. That means the Berryessa shuttle is the best option.

  • Andy Chow

    Another one is

  • Richard Mlynarik

    It’s “on time” and “on budget” only if it opened before 2010 and the entire extension — past Fremont, past the dead auto factory, past the dead Flea Market, under the “downtown”, under the Rod “not technically yet dead” Diridon Memorial Intergalactic Supermodel Intersticial SuperPort, and up to Santa Clara (with a massively oversized BART yard) — was built for under $3.8 billion and if the route were carrying over 78,000 riders per day today.

    Otherwise VTA is lying and MTC is lying. And neither of those agencies nor the contractor mafiosi that they directly, unquestioningly and completely submissively service would ever do such a thing as commit deliberate, systematic and outright fraud on schedules, budgets, or ridership, now would they?

  • Gocurrey

    Some people mover plans have it connecting to Metro/Airport light rail, Santa Clara Caltrain/BART/etc., AND Diridon.

    But we’ll see hover boards decades before the SJC people mover gets built.

  • p_chazz

    The bicyclists who ride full tilt down the sidewalk scattering pedestrians in their wake don’t share your opinion.

  • p_chazz

    Everytime I have politely asked bicyclists to ride in the bike lane and not on the sidewalk the response has been “fuck you”. So much for bicyclist pedestrian communication.

  • p_chazz

    What makes bicycles seem threatening to pedestrians is that they come at you from all angles and they invade your bubble of personal space, however briefly.

  • Easy

    In life almost no one doing the wrong thing likes to be called out on it.

  • 94103er

    Sure, and–you’ve probably already been asked this question and you’ve willfully ignored it–do you really think a sidewalk rider is better off driving a car? Judging by the characters I see riding on the sidewalk in the Mission, ha ha ha no. And by the same token, plenty of people are doing things while walking that you’d prefer them not to do, but is such pedestrian-pedestrian interaction necessary?

    It would definitely suck to be hit by a sidewalk bicyclist, but really, wagging at your finger at someone for doing it like Nevius is at “jaywalkers” is getting us nowhere. There’s a reason why “jaywalking” is not even illegal in the majority of countries.

  • 94103er

    Right, I should’ve prefaced that grouchy comment by saying, ‘ignoring the purported downtown extension that should’ve happened by now but may not until we’re grandparents (cue classic Mlynarik comments), what do we do if we want to take a cheap flight out of SJC when this first segment officially opens?’ 🙂