Today’s Headlines

  • Seven Injured in Two-Car Hit-and-Run Crash at Van Ness and Geary (NBC)
  • Ped Safety Committee Chair: “Google Bus” Pilot Lawsuit Threatens to Add Traffic, Hurt Safety (SFGate)
  • Bay Area Bike Share Invites Designers, Programmers to Visualize Its Ridership Data (SF Examiner)
  • Bold Italic Rejoices in the SFMTA’s Aspirations to Make SF a “Bike Utopia”
  • Rain Storm Causes System-Wide BART Delays (SF Weekly)
  • SamTrans: New ECR Route, Other Route Adjustments are Popular (SF Examiner)
  • Former Devil’s Slide Highway Stretch in San Mateo County Re-Opens as Bike/Ped Trail (SFGateKQED)
  • Oakland Survey Results: Telegraph Ave Needs to Be Improved for Everything But Driving (EB Express)
  • Berkeley Plans Roundabouts to Make Risky I-80 Gilman Street Junction Safer (SFGate)
  • Alameda Police Conduct Crosswalk Stings (Alamedan), Map Pedestrian Crashes (Alamedan)
  • 89-Year-Old Woman Dies of Injuries After Being Hit By Bicyclist on SJSU Path (CoCo Times)

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  • Prinzrob
  • Jame

    The Telegraph survey results are remarkable in their consensus. No matter which mode you used to travel to Telegraph, better bike lanes and pedestrian amenities were wanted.

  • If you have a spare hour and a half, check out the affadavit FBI agents filed against Yee and a whole parade of characters. Eye-opening, to say the least. After the first twenty pages, it begins to read like noir crime novel.

    My takeaways:
    1) Most politicians are so desperate for money, they will sell their souls for relatively small amounts of it. ($5000, $10,000, $20,000) I don’t see Yee being particularly unique in this regard. Whether the quid pro quo favor is linked directly with the cash when the cash is received, or comes a few months after the donation (when the favor is then “gently” requested) is just a matter of timing. (I don’t know why Yee didn’t make use of a PAC to get around individual contribution levels like Lee did?)
    2) International arms dealing, however, is a whole different kettle of fish.
    3) Shrimp Boy Chow is quite a piece of work. (Although kudos on the nickname. If you’re going to be a gangster, at least you can provide entertainment with a colorful moniker.)
    4) Keith Jackson and son had so many different deals going down, I’m surprised either had time to sleep the past five years. (I’m still scratching my head why someone comfortable with orchestrating killing for hire jobs would bother with the San Francisco School Board?)
    5) There’s a movie in this somewhere. Perhaps it’s already started production.

    How does this relate to livable streets? Always, always, always follow the money.

  • More on that coming up…