CalBike Party: Bay Lights for Better Bikeways

Note: If you buy tickets using this link, 25 percent of the proceeds from your purchase will go to Streetsblog San Francisco.

From CalBike:

May 7th, 2014 the California Bicycle Coalition is hosting our Bay Lights for Better Bikeways cocktail party and private screening of Impossible Light. Enjoy this special evening with Ben Davis, chair of Illuminate the Arts and a subject of the documentary film which was an official selection at the SXSW Film Festival. This is a documentary about an idea whose “impossibility made it possible”, a great message for bike advocates working to triple bicycling in California by 2020.

Proceeds benefit CalBike’s Better Bikeways Campaign – advocacy in Sacramento for more funding and inproved design so bikeways will be inviting for everyone from ages 8 to 80. Your support is vital for a key element to our Better Bikeways program – Assemblymember Phil Ting’s AB 1193: the Protected Bikeways Act. Passing AB 1193 will enable more people to bicycle for the health, safety, and prosperity of all Californians.

The party starts at 6:00 p.m. when we will enjoy drinks, appetizers, and a gorgeous view of the Bay Lights from the Transamerica Pyramid. At 8:00, Ben Davis will introduce us to our private screening of the 69-minute documentary, Impossible Light.


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