Today’s Headlines

  • Muni “Sickout” Continues (SFGate, ABC, CBS, Examiner); More Drivers Could Return Today (KTVU)
  • Supes Call for End (Exam); Chamber of Commerce Calls on Mayor to Use Influence (Biz Times)
  • Union Denies Responsibility (Appeal); 720 Drivers Out Monday (Weekly); Bonuses for Rest (Weekly)
  • Voters Approve Prop B, Restricting Development Heights on the Waterfront (SFGate, Exam, Biz Times)
  • SFBay Tells Stories of Bike Crash Survivors on Interactive Map
  • Sup. Wiener Blocks AT&T Sidewalk Utility Boxes, Pushes for Beautification Treatments (SF Weekly)
  • Drunk Driver Who Pinned Man at Gas Station Pleads Not Guilty; Victim Still Critical (SF Appeal)
  • Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Caught Using Phone While Driving a Second Time (KRON)
  • Vallejo Man a Committed Advocate for Better Bike Paths Statewide (Times Herald)
  • SPUR Explains the Importance of Ground Floor Building Design in the Pedestrian Realm

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  • Can we go ahead and call the “sickout” what it is: an illegal strike?

  • 94103er

    Unfortunately Wiener is too late to stop a box being installed on the north side of 15th St, west of Dolores. Right smack in the middle of the damn sidewalk. Totally disgusting.

  • JJ94117

    Could the city turn around and file a class-action lawsuit against the muni employees for the lost wages of the citizens of San Francisco? Mama always said that turnabout is fair play.

  • the_greasybear

    Is that what all the construction mess is about? That is disgusting indeed.

  • voltairesmistress

    As of yet, we have not seen any displays of leadership from the mayor, The head of the SFMTA, the supervisors, or the SF Transit Riders Union in regards to the Muni drivers ‘ petulant and illegal strike. Maybe some good and tough negotiations are taking place out of the public eye? But so far, not a single public figure has called the drivers out or promised consequences. Mostly I am disgusted by our mayor, Lee, who proves yet again he is more interested in remaining popular with power brokers, including public employee unions, than in showing leadership.

  • p_chazz

    The boxes can’t be stopped by the City according to Sup. Weiner. He is working on an ordinance to regulate them, however.