SFMTA Open House: Embarcadero Protected Bike Lanes


Please join the SFMTA, Port of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Works and the San Francisco Planning Department to share ideas on how to improve safety and comfort for all travelers on the Embarcadero from 3rd Street to Powell/Jefferson streets.
The Embarcadero Enhancement Project is a planning process that will develop a conceptual design in efforts to improve the safety and comfort for all those traveling along The Embarcadero.
The City and County of San Francisco wants to hear your ideas on how the travel experience along the San Francisco Waterfront can be improved through the creation of a bikeway from 3rd Street to Powell/Jefferson Streets.
This open house will be an opportunity for the public to be introduced to the planning project, share ideas and learn more from the City project team.
Please join us!
  • Roan

    I went to the open house and saw that this project is still very much in the early stages: no concrete plans yet, they’re thinking about either doing two one-way bike paths either side or one two-way path on the water side. It sounds like they’re looking to build separated bike paths like the contraflow lane on Polk, which is nice. Today’s open house appeared to be mostly for asking people how they use the street and what they think the issues are.

    There will be workshops in the fall that get down to the details, but it sounds like this will be a pretty challenging project to figure out. Moving the MUNI tracks was ruled out, so any space gained from removing the bike lanes on the city side can’t be reused on the water side. Moving curbs, storm drains and streetlights is a pain but probably needed, and apparently there’s an ADA requirement that there be a 4′ buffer zone between the traffic lane and the bike path curb (the new Polk Street lane apparently avoids this by being on the other side of the street). There are also 5 different street layouts along the route, and different demands for curb access in different places, which makes things more complex.

    I was glad to hear that SFMTA is already looking into a temporary fix for SB Embarcadero between Sansome and Battery (where the bike lane disappears for most of the block, then reappears next to a right-turn lane; apparently this is a dangerous spot), and after that NB Embarcadero @ North Point is in their sights (where the bike lane ends and confused tourists end up in the streetcar track).

    On the south side, the Embarcadero project will connect to Terry A Francois Blvd, which I heard is getting a 13′ two-way bike path (apparently that was already being planned but I just hadn’t heard about it yet). On the north side, it will connect to some sort of street calming / shared space thing that’s now going on on Jefferson between Hyde and Jones and will eventually spread east to Powell.


The current green-striped, unprotected lane on Embarcadero. Photo: Streetsblog

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