Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Crashes Into Saloon at Columbus and Pacific, Injuring Two; Arrested for Possession (ABC, Appeal)
  • Man Injured, Possibly by Driver, on Park Presidio (Exam); Driver Hits Pole at 19th and J. Serra (Xpress)
  • SFMTA Launches New Survey on Revised Proposals for Irving Street Transit Bulb-Outs
  • SFMTA: Taxi Use Drops as “Ride-Share” Grows (SF Examiner); State Says Carpools Illegal (Biz Times)
  • Sup. Tang’s “Sunset Blueprint,” Community Transpo and Development Plan, is First of Its Kind (Examiner)
  • School Board Meeting Draws Mixed Views on 351-Unit Development at 16th Street BART (SF Examiner)
  • Chronicle Columnist Carl Nolte: Fillmore Street, a Cross-Section of SF, is Best Experienced on Foot
  • More SF Kids Using “Balance Bikes” (KALW); Marin-Based Org Takes City Kids Out for Rides (SFGate)
  • GG Bridge District Union Strikes; Bus/Ferry Service Unaffected (Exam); GG Transit Service Changes (GM)
  • CA’s 3-Ft Bike Passing Law In Effect Today (SFGateMerc); Mercury Roadshow Accused of “Cyclist Bias”
  • 49ers May “Slow Down Train Service” to Let More Cars Leave Levi’s Stadium After Games (Mercury News)
  • When Driverless Cars Hit CA Streets, How Will Insurance Work? (NBC)

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  • danwalters’roll
  • Dewayne

    Re: slowing down train service at Levi’s”

    I hope they reconsider that. I took Light Rail to and from the game and gave VTA nothing but kudos about the quality of service. We had a 10 minute wait post game for a train, once ours arrived it was a 3 car train with a very helpful staff on the platform directing everyone on which car to board on. When I arrived at my house in Hayward at 10:10, friends who insisted on driving were still sitting in the parking lot. So it’s very disappointing to hear they might slow down frequency after being so efficient last Sunday. Transit riders getting the short end of the stick again I guess

  • 42apples

    Good for the rideshare companies for sticking with ridepooling. I don’t think they would ever have been so successful if they waited for legislation to catch up this whole time.

  • Andy Chow

    It has always been a part of their business plan to first ignore the law and then force the regulating agencies to accommodate them. Even though the regulations pertaining to taxis and taxi like service are outdated (most forms of transportation from bus to airlines have been freed of economic regulations and open to competition for the last 30-40 years) and that those companies have successfully forced a reform, but it seems like that if they can challenge this then may be later they will start doing street hail, which is to be an exclusive domain for taxis when the TNC regulation was drafted.

    Honestly the ridepool thing is designed for major events where there’s high enough attendance to effectively group rides.

  • murphstahoe

    If by “major events” you include “a typical workday in downtown San Francisco” the I think we agree.

  • 94103er

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I have to wonder about this new 3-foot passing law, particularly about the crossing-the-double-yellow prohibition. What’s the deal with the flip side of that equation, i.e. if cyclists end up in the same category as ‘slow vehicles’ then they have to pull over, right, but where–in a vehicle-sized turnout or wherever is supposedly safe on the shoulder? I’m thinking of the classic situation where you’re on one of those twisty back roads in the Santa Cruz mountains.

    What I’m getting at is this: Did this law create a monster, i.e. license for law enforcement (or other drivers) to harass cylists by dint of the ‘slower traffic must allow passing’ rule?

  • Let’s take a step back and see what has changed here. Rather than just stating that you have to pass safely at a safe distance, we’re now told that 3 feet is the default safe distance and if you can’t give that, you have to slow down.

    Whether or not you can cross double lines hasn’t changed. Whether bikes or other slower traffic should use a pull out hasn’t changed. No one has added any particular prohibition against crossing double lines to the CVC, only the various commentators have. I don’t think defining what a minimum safe distance is is really going to bleed into anything like that.