Supervisors Committee Meeting: Parking Reformsin Chinatown and North Beach

Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting agenda [PDF]

Item of Note:

6. [Planning Code, Zoning Map – Uses, Conformity of Uses, Parking Requirements for Uses, and Special Use Districts]

Sponsor: Chiu

Ordinance amending the Planning Code, by repealing Section 158 and amending various other Code Sections, to modify controls for uses and accessory uses in Commercial and Residential Commercial (RC) Districts; eliminate minimum parking requirements for the Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, RC Districts, the Broadway and North Beach Neighborhood Commercial Districts (NCDs), and the Washington-Broadway Special Use District (SUD); make maximum residential parking permitted in Downtown Commercial and RC Districts consistent with Neighborhood Commercial Transit (NCT) Districts; make maximum non-residential parking in RC Districts, Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, and Broadway and North Beach NCDs consistent with NCT Districts; make surface parking lots a non-conforming use in Downtown Commercial Districts; modify conformity requirements in various use districts; modify streetscape requirements, public open space requirements, floor-area ratio calculations, and transportation management requirements for various uses in certain districts; permit certain exceptions from exposure and open space requirements for historic buildings; remove references to deleted sections of the Code; amend Zoning Map Sheet SU01 to consolidate the two Washington-Broadway SUDs and revise the boundaries; and making environmental findings, Section 302, findings, and findings of consistency with the General Plan, and the priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1.




Despite Skewed Parking Math, Planning Commission Approves 55 Laguna

The SF Planning Commission unanimously approved a major housing development at 55 Laguna Street yesterday, despite an excessive amount of car parking that livable streets advocates say should be lowered under stricter parking maximums. The development would include two housing projects: one with 330 apartments, and another with 110 affordable apartments for an LGBT senior community. […]

Personal Garages Become Cafes in the Castro, Thanks to Smarter Zoning

Three new cafes and restaurants in the Castro have been created in spaces formerly used as personal parking garages. Driveways and dark garage doors on 18th Street have been replaced with storefronts and inviting patios filled with people. A few years ago, this would’ve been illegal. Reveille Coffee Company and Beso, a tapas restaurant, were […]

Dufty Still Deliberating as Garage Legislation Vote Looms

Preparing for a new garage addition. Photo: Michael Rhodes Supervisor Bevan Dufty says he is still considering how he will vote tomorrow on legislation that would limit new garages in existing buildings in Chinatown, North Beach, and Telegraph Hill and eliminate minimum parking requirements in those neighborhoods. Advocates are urging him to support the measure, […]

SF Land Use and Economic Development Committee Meeting

Agenda On the agenda: Planning Code, Zoning Map amendments: eliminate minimum parking requirements for the Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, RC Districts, the Broadway and North Beach NCDs, and the Washington-Broadway SUD; make maximum residential parking permitted in C-3 and RC Districts consistent with NCT Districts; make maximum non-residential parking in RC Districts, Chinatown Mixed Use Districts, and Broadway and North […]

BART Will Study Second Transbay Tube, West Side Extension

Updated 11:06 p.m. with comments from BART Board-elect Nick Josefowitz. BART says it will formally study the decades-old ideas of building a second Transbay tube and extending service to SF’s western neighborhoods. Ellen Smith, BART’s acting manager for strategic and policy planning, recently told a SF County Transportation Authority Board committee (comprised of SF supervisors) […]