Today’s Headlines

  • Man Hit by School Bus on I-280 in SF (SFBay); Driver Crashes Into Nob Hill Restaurant (SFGate)
  • Hearst Corporation Wants the Annie Alley Street Plaza Gone (SF Weekly)
  • Haight and Fillmore to Get “WalkStop” Ped Wayfinding Signage With Art and History (Hoodline)
  • Bernalwood: Planning Dept Makes “Power Grab” By Not Requiring for New Homes in Bernal Heights
  • SFMTA Board Approves New Muni 55-16th Street Line (Exam); Muni to Study “Manspreading” (Exam)
  • New Taxi Union Holds Rally to Call for “Ride-Share” Regulation (SF Appeal)
  • GG Bridge’s East Sidewalk Open to Bikes, Peds During Closure (SFBike); Cone-Movers Reminisce (ABC)
  • Former BART Board Member Suggests New BART/Amtrak Transfer Station in West Oakland (CoCo)
  • BART Says Weather Breaks Escalators, Not Poop (Weekly)
  • BART Uses “Predictive Policing” to Catch Bike Thieves (ABC)
  • Governor Jerry Brown Breaks Out the Witty Remarks at CAHSR Groundreaking Ceremony (CityLab)
  • Driver Killed in “Fiery” Solo Crash on Skyline Drive in Pacifica (SF Examiner)

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  • murphstahoe

    After extensive lobbying by the All Powerful Bicycle Lobby, a victory today.

    Caltrain has purchased 16 new bombardier rail cars. Their current fleet of five, 5 car bombardier trains will become 6 car trains, and an additional 6 car set will be added. All of these sets will have three bike cars in them, up from the two in the 5 car consists.


  • dat

    This is nothing short of an insidious plot to increase solo falls.

  • murphstahoe

    Have you STUDIED that?

  • jd_x

    Wow, that is amazing. I really didn’t think they would do this. You gotta hand it to Caltrain for this move. I complain about the bicycle capacity on Caltrain being insufficient all the time (though to be fair, it’s because of how often I get bumped, which really *sucks*), but they deserve credit for being so forward-thinking. Thanks, Caltrain!

  • thielges

    Thanks Caltrain! BoB is an amazingly successful program.

  • Chris J.

    Re: catching BART bike thieves, I was dismayed to learn that BART seems to make no attempt to review video footage when bike theft is reported. I had a front wheel stolen in front of a BART surveillance camera, and I filed a BART police report. But there was no investigation of the video (after requesting a copy of the report several weeks later).

    I asked some BART police officers about this, and they said that from their experience, you’d be lucky if they reviewed the video footage even if you provided a 5-minute time window in which the theft occurred.

    It seems like misplaced energy to “predictively” police for thefts when they aren’t making an attempt to investigate thefts that have already occurred — and in front of a video camera to boot.