SPUR Forum: A New Map for Muni

From SPUR:

Eight years ago, transit planner Jay Primus and mapmaker David Wiggins began redesigning San Francisco’s transit map. Among the big changes they envisioned was the visual communication one of the most important aspects of service for users: transit frequency. With the map complete and Muni introducing it into bus shelters this spring, the mapmakers will lead a discussion of their process and product.

Jay Primus / transit planner
David Wiggins / cartographer
Julie Kirschbaum / San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency


SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting

Agenda Of note: 11. Urging the Board of Supervisors to place the $500 million transportation general obligation bond on the November 2014 ballot. (Explanatory documents include a staff report, resolution, bond report and ordinances.) 12. Presentation and discussion regarding the SFpark evaluation. (Explanatory documents include a slide presentation.) 13. Presentation and discussion regarding regional efforts […]

San Francisco to Start Smart Parking Management Trial Soon

The central principle of San Francisco’s cutting-edge parking management program, SFPark, comes right from Econ 101. If there are more people looking for parking than there are parking spaces (i.e. demand is greater than supply) adjust the price of parking until there is enough turnover on a given street, or roughly one free parking space […]

SPUR Forum: Innovative Urban Cartography

From SPUR: Map by Brian Stokle  Cartography has its historic roots in the transfer of physical landforms to paper. But in the 21st century, the craft of mapping has taken a digital slant. Today, maps can illustrate nodes of geotagged tweets, the most photographed landmarks on Flickr or the daily exodus of San Francisco residents […]