Today’s Headlines

  • Van Driver Arrested After Rampage Through the Castro, Mission (Hoodline)
  • SFPD Shoots, Kills Driver After She Flees Police, Then Drives at Them at Van Ness and Pine (ABC)
  • Man, 26, Critically Injured on Bike After Crashing Into Stopped Car on Gough at McAllister (SFGate)
  • Free Muni Program Overwhelmed By High Demand From Seniors, Disabled Riders (SF Examiner)
  • “Leap Transit,” a Lounge-Like Private Bus Service, Launches in the Marina (Biz, CBS, Ars T.)
  • Sympathetic Driver Offers Reimbursement for Blocking a Personal Driveway (Chron)
  • “Tipsy Tow” Service Returns for St. Patrick’s Day (Mercury); SFPD Steps Up Patrols (SF Weekly)
  • More on SFO’s Plans to Track Ride-Hail Vehicles for Fee Collection (ABC)
  • East Bay Express Looks In-Depth at Transport Oakland’s Efforts to Make Streets Safe for Bicycling
  • Three Children, Two Adults in Critical Condition After Hit-and-Run Crash in Oakland (ABC)
  • Man Killed After Jumping in Front of Caltrain in Mountain View (Mercury News, CBS)

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  • mx

    “More on SFO’s Plans to Track Ride-Hail Vehicles for Fee Collection”

    I don’t understand why anybody, rideshare, taxi, or bus, should have to pay the airport for the privilege of picking up/dropping off passengers. Private auto drivers don’t have ti pay to pick up their friends at the airport. If anything, the airport should be paying transportation providers for helping their customers get to/from the airport. This is nothing more than a naked money grab by the Airport Commission.

  • I’ve been pretty amazed at the current and impending bike infrastructure in the parts of western Oakland I’ve been to the past several months. Peralta north of Grand is a crappy industrial street like Amador+Cargo Way…or at least it was before it got scrape and paved this past week and marked with what threatens to be bike lanes on each side.

  • gneiss

    Mill Valley recommends reduced speed limit to 10 mph on multi-use path around the entrance from Sycamore Lane and recommends “a robust enforcement program”

  • SFPD Steps Up Patrols (SF Weekly) currently links to SPUR.

  • gneiss

    On the man who was critically injured on Gough, let’s not forget that the current narrative most likely comes from the motorist and police that interviewed her rather than the person who was riding their bike. Just remember this video when thinking about a possible scenario for how this crash unfolded:

  • Affen_Theater

    Hey, if yesterday’s Caltrain suicide at the San Antonio station makes the headlines, then let’s be fair and also include the BART suicide a few hours earlier at the Civic Center station.

  • Affen_Theater

    I think the idea is that if you’re in the business of making money off selling your transportation services to SFO’s customers on SFO’s property, then SFO wants a cut.

  • mx

    Sure, but why should SFO deserve a cut? Perhaps the Marriott would like a cut from every taxi ride that starts/ends at their hotel, but they sure as heck aren’t going to get one either.

    I do think it’s reasonable for SFO to set rules about transportation services. Nobody wants random drivers trying to solicit passengers in the baggage claim and there’s value in requiring pickups/dropoffs to use designated curbs and concourses instead of everyone crowding the terminal all willy-nilly. That’s very different from imposing a $3.80 tax on every car or taxi coming in or out.

  • Affen_Theater

    I think if hotels operated under the same regulatory & jurisdictional regime as airports, you’d see them demand a cut as well.

  • Bruce

    It’s almost impossible to even get on the 30X after Fillmore Street. It’s so packed most of the time that the bus doesn’t even stop until Van Ness, when someone usually gets off.

  • thielges

    A: Monopoly