Today’s Headlines

  • Robbers Fleeing Cops in Car Hit Two, Killing Woman (ABC, SFGate); SFPD Chief Defends Chase (KTVU)
  • UCSF Shuttle Driver Reportedly Passes Out, Hits Parked Cars on Opposite Side of Stanyan (Hoodline)
  • Scenes From This Weekend’s Market Street Prototyping Festival (Curbed)
  • Willie Brown to Dianne Feinstein: SF Traffic is “Gridlocked” Because Bike Lanes (SF Chronicle)
  • Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Won’t Be Charged for Allegedly Pulling Out Gun Over Fender Tap (Examiner)
  • SFMTA Official on Leap, Chariot: Better Alternatives to Driving Put Us on the Right Path (CNET)
  • More on CA Senator Dropping Mandatory Bike Helmet Bill From KQED‘s Bryan Goebel
  • Bike Rider Killed By Amtrak in Oakland (SFGate); Milpitas Driver Hits Cyclist, Golfland (NBC)
  • DUI Driver in Richmond Flees Police, Hits Car and Kills Occupant (NBC)
  • Menlo Park Planning Commission Recommends Bike Lanes on El Camino Real (Almanac)
  • VTA May Let More Palo Alto Employers Provide Discounted Transit Passes (Green Caltrain)
  • CA Cell Phone Driving Tickets Dropped 25 Percent Over Three Years and No One Knows Why (CoCo)

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  • Elias Zamaria

    I think something is wrong with the SF Chronicle link. I clicked on it and arrived at an article about Hillary Clinton, that seemed completely unrelated to bike lanes.

  • Gezellig

    Dropping the 80s-90s-era helmet law proposal is great news for biking in California.

    Props to Cal Bike for continuing to point out to Senator Liu the drastic unintended consequences helmet laws bring and for continuing to dialog with her despite her initial lack of budging on the issue. I hope this serves as a wakeup call to Cal Bike to monitor these retrograde legislative proposals before they even start and also makes it clear to other legislators that people will fight the dire public health and safety consequences a mandatory helmet law would bring to California.

    On a local level, it’s also especially great news for Bay Area Bike Share.

    Hopefully the study the law now mandates (face-saving measure? It’s not like there’s not a huge corpus of research already out there on this stuff) will actually be useful and informative, but guess we’ll just have to see on that one.

  • Gezellig

    Though I’m sure many here would love to find out more about her positions on transit and active transportation funding!

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    The link is to Willie Brown’s column. He starts by talking about Clinton and then later there is a brief mention about bike lanes and Diane Feinstein.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    That’s just Willie’s “style” of writing. He rants from one topic to the next. His bike lane blabber is in there somewhere.

  • mx

    “Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy Won’t Be Charged for Allegedly Pulling Out Gun Over Fender Tap”

    Another sad result for our disaster of a criminal justice system. It’s hard for me to believe how a crime wasn’t committed here. Brandishing a weapon in a “rude, angry, or threatening manner” (which sure sounds like pulling it out in the course of an argument) is a crime.

    One plausible defense is self-defense or defense of others. Here, according to witnesses, the deputy had time to open his trunk, take a bag out of the trunk, open it, remove his gun from the bag, and set the gun on top of the trunk. These are not the plausible actions of a trained law enforcement officer acting to protect himself or others. It’s clearly the kind of thing one does to threaten and intimidate someone in a fight. If there was an actual threat to safety, the deputy could have put distance between himself and the threat and summoned help (the Hall of Justice being around the corner you know) in less time than it took him to retrieve his weapon.

  • Elias Zamaria

    Oops, I didn’t notice that. Sorry.

  • emceeski

    how does he even have a column? it’s just like an old man ranting about new things

  • Willie Brown’s column is a great way to remind yourself how lucky we are to have anyone else as our mayor.

  • Bruce

    Yeah, you gotta scroll down.