Today’s Headlines

  • Chronicle‘s Matier & Ross Mourn the 0.05% of Street Parking Spaces Being Re-Purposed for People
  • Speed Camera Legislation Would Let SF Save Lives, as New York City is Doing Already (SFGate, NBC)
  • SFMTA Installs Bike Lanes on Euclid Avenue in Laurel Heights (SFBike)
  • SFMTA to Vote on Watered-Down Plans for Bulb-Outs on Upper Haight Tomorrow (Hoodline)
  • Construction Progresses on a More People-Friendly Block of Bartlett Street in the Mission (Mission)
  • Muni to Conduct Survey on Contested Proposal to Re-Route 33-Stanyan Off of Potrero (Mission Local)
  • SFMTA Seeks Members for Advisory Panel on Plans for Safer Streets, Muni Upgrades
  • Redesigned Rincon Hill Tower Would Still Block Ramp for Bay Bridge Contraflow Bus Lane (SocketSite)
  • Driver Hits Fire Hydrant, Flooding Apartments at Franklin and Filbert in the Marina (ABC)
  • Attorney: Lack of Pedestrian Signal Makes Crossing Dangerous at Van Ness and Fell (SF Examiner)
  • Oakland Hit-Run Car Crash Kills One, Injures Two (SFBay); Hit-Run Ped Crash Deemed Intentional (IBA)
  • San Carlos Grants Money to Study Highway 101 Bike/Ped Bridge at Holly Street (SM Daily Journal)

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  • mike_napolis_beard

    The Matier & Ross “scoop” is unimpressive in several ways, but I think what takes the cake is its status-quo-defending loss aversion being trumpeted as “common sense” government skepticism. It’s truly amazing what thought patterns the automotive industry and its boosters were able to set in motion a hundred years ago!

  • alberto rossi

    Matier & Ross forget to count the tens of thousands of parking spaces that the city has added by de facto legalizing parking in setbacks, front yards, sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.

  • Chris J.

    They get paid on the basis of riling people up and fomenting conflict, so I wouldn’t expect much in the way of reasonability in their pieces.

  • NoeValleyJim

    I volunteer to buy them a one way plane ticket to Los Angeles. I hear there is plenty of parking there, they would be very happy and fit right in there.