Today’s Headlines

  • Market Street Turn Bans for Cars Begin Today (KQED, HoodlineNBC, SFGate)
  • ICYMI: Sup. Scott Wiener Comes Out Against SFPD’s Bike Crackdown on Minor Violations (Medium)
  • Another Wiggle Bike “Stop-in” Planned Before Tonight’s Park Station Meeting (Hoodline, SFGate)
  • Bike Commuters Explain to Stanley Roberts That They Look and Yield at Stop Signs
  • At Outside Lands, SFMTA Tickets Drivers Using Muni Stops and Crosswalks for Drop-Offs (PBB)
  • Uber is Leasing Cars to Drivers, Similar to “Horse-Hiring” in the 19th Century (Taxicab Subjects)
  • Latest Central Subway Video Shows Construction of Moscone Station (SFMTA)
  • GJEL: I-80 Freeway Sign Project to Make San Pablo Ave More Dangerous for Pedestrians
  • Multi-Car Crash on I-80 in Berkeley Injuries Numerous Children on School Bus (ABC, SF Bay, Berkside)
  • Palo Alto’s Wish List From 2016 Transpo Tax Measure Includes Separate Caltrain Crossings (PA Online)
  • First Phase of Atherton Bike Pedestrian Master Plan to Be Presented Tonight (Almanac)
  • Car Crash on Highway 101 in San Jose Leaves One Woman Dead and Three Injured (ABC)

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  • mike_napolis_beard

    Is there any way we can lobby for GJEL to change their name from “Accident Attorneys” to something a little more accurate? Every little bit helps – even if it means abandoning the alliteration.

  • murphstahoe

    Capt Sanford fiddles while Rome Burns.

    Bicyclist vs car accident at Octavia and Market streets in #sanfrancisco bicyclist is seriously injured.— DB (@BoyerDina) August 11, 2015

  • twinpeaks_sf

    Just hypothesizing: judged by the angle of the car in the 2nd photo, it looks like another illegal right turn hook.

  • thielges

    Collision Counsel?

  • timsmith

    Crash Counselors, even.

  • mx

    “At Outside Lands, SFMTA Tickets Drivers Using Muni Stops and Crosswalks for Drop-Offs”

    Not that blocking Muni stops and crosswalks is ok, but I’m sure they had lots of designated loading zones somewhere with ample signage and parking enforcement staff directing people, right? Oh, no? So we’re just ticketing people for performing a commonly desired activity without coming up with a safe and legal alternative? That’s great.

  • sparky2000

    Best wishes to the cyclist for a full recovery!
    Per Twitter updates, it seems likely that the cyclist was heading east on a green (fresh green, perhaps?) and collided with the SUV heading south on Octavia towards the freeway. So, if the SUV entered the intersection on a yellow (not stale yellow, but yellow- yellow) and the cyclist entered when the light turned green and collided with the SUV, it will likely be ruled to be the cyclists’ fault, as the SUV had entered the intersection legally and had the right of way (referred to as ‘possession of the intersection’). Now remember that the Strava-racing dude went through a yellow lighted intersection when he hit the elderly male pedestrian on Market and Castro a few years ago (and the pedestrian started crossing before he had the green light, per reports I’ve read), so it will be informative to see how the authorities handle this one. Not expecting much action in favor of the cyclist, sadly, except maybe more enforcement of cyclists’ behavior in the name of Vision Zero.

  • Jimbo

    chris bucherre went through a solid red, as many witnesses testified

  • Jimbo

    and he was racing to play his little video game. should be in prison for life

  • jd_x

    “so it will be informative to see how the authorities handle this one”

    I’m pretty sure we won’t here anything about how they handled this, since bicyclists don’t matter to the cops … unless they are rolling stop signs in which case they are a huge threat to everyone’s safety, enough so to warrant a “crackdown” from SFPD.

  • Donovan Lacy


    You have your own Godwin’s law, but instead of Nazis you bring Chris Bucherre in just about every discussion. We can call it the Jimbo Rule.

    I assume that you would be okay with putting every motorist in jail for life that kills someone while texting, changing the radio station or are otherwise distracted?

  • jd_x

    Amazing how we remembers the one cyclist of two who have killed anybody in a decade (longer?) but I bet he can’t name a single one of the motorists who have killed approximately 200+ pedestrians and bicyclists in that time. About as biased (confirmation bias) as they come ….

  • SF_Abe

    Safe and legal alternative: Muni

  • Andy Chow

    Too much space is given away for private car parking.

  • Andy Chow

    Muni doesn’t provide service from a lot of areas though, but there was a traffic issue especially at the end of the show where riders wait for their TNC car.

  • StrixNoctis .

    You’re assuming the SUV driver followed the laws, but the possibilities also exist that the SUV driver could have ran a red light or attempted to make an illegal right turn.

    I wonder if the cameras at that intersection captured what happened?

  • SF_Abe

    Muni provides service to all of San Francisco, including Golden Gate Park. It also connects with regional transit.

    There’s no need to use a car to get to or from Outside Lands– just lame excuses.

  • CarsRuleBikesDrool

    lame excuses is what landed me in jail after silly manslaughter charges, pedestrians belong outta my road!

  • Andy Chow

    Muni even with special runs can only reasonably handle a part of the crowd, without sacrificing regular service outside the park area. Event organizer also chartered buses to provide additional transportation. Obviously more high capacity option besides Muni would be helpful.

    A lot of people would have driven, but thought that TNC might be the next best thing. I don’t think that TNC is the solution here (but they obviously promoted their services during that weekend) but it has to be more than just take Muni.

  • NoeValleyJim

    SFPD will lose or mishandle the evidence, the DA will refuse to prosecute and the car driver will walk away scot- free, as has happened in hundreds of similar cases

  • or entered on a yellow according to the video footage.