SFMTA Walking Tour: Safety Upgrades for Page at Octavia


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency wants your feedback on how to improve Page Street from Webster to Market streets.

This informal, outdoor public meeting will be an opportunity for neighbors and roadway users to walk (or bike) the corridor with the City project team, discussing key issues and specific design concepts.

For more information, or to provide comments, please contact Casey Hildreth at casey.hildreth@sfmta.com or 415.701.4817


SFMTA Scott Street Traffic Calming Meeting

From SFMTA: Scott Street neighbors have expressed interest in traffic circulation changes to Scott Street that would decrease congestion and enhance the livability and safety for residents and for people who walk and bike through the neighborhood. Please join us at a focused meeting of residents on August 28 to explore traffic calming options for […]

SFMTA Adds More Green Treatments to Bike Lane Merging Zones

The SFMTA recently added green paint to increase the visibility of bike lanes around the city at five intersections where drivers merge across bicycle traffic. The SF Bicycle Coalition’s Flickr page features the new treatments at the intersections of Division and 9th Streets, Grove and Polk Streets, and the Embarcadero at Bryant Street. The SFBC […]

SFMTA Board Meeting: Second Street Protected Bike Lanes

Agenda Article for background From SFMTA [PDF]: The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors will be considering proposed traffic and parking improvements associated with San Francisco Public Works’ Second Street Improvement Project. This project is a key part of San Francisco’s Vision Zero initiative of eliminating traffic deaths. The project seeks to create […]