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  • gneiss

    It saddens me to see all these firefighters hand wringing over roadway narrowing projects. Particularly since the biggest reason why response times have been going up is due to lack of investment in ambulance companies rather than anything to do with the street network. It’s pretty telling that despite the fact that most of the calls Menlo Park gets are for medical emergencies, they maintain a fleet of 52 fire trucks to 10 ambulances. If they simply reversed that ratio (particularly given that less than 5% of calls are now for fires), their response times for medical emergencies are sure to go down.

    Also, the number one reason why roadway crashes are more severe on roads like Camino Alto is due to high vehicle speed. Given that traffic engineers are moving towards a consensus that narrowing lanes slows down traffic which in turn will reduce the severity of crashes, it makes no sense for fire departments to be against those efforts.

  • Justin

    I seriously don’t see how running articulated buses to accommodate additional capacity would “ruin the character and feel of the neighborhood” I also don’t see how it would add more congestion, those ridiculous concerns, which they’re not, sound like BS to me.

  • We just need a car club Lifetime Member to come say that we can’t lower speeds because that’s unfair when the streets are built so wide, and the circle would be complete.

  • jonobate

    When I read stories like this, I think about the ideas people have thrown around about extending the T-Third down Chestnut St. If the locals can’t handle 60ft buses on Chestnut, they’ll never be able to handle double-length LRVs. Extending the T-Third down Lombard would be a better plan, but still a long shot to get local acceptance.

  • Alicia

    All SB – SF has to do is post the magic words “traffic camera” or “red light camera” and one will appear.

  • Claude

    LRVs don’t weave in and out of traffic lanes. They tend to stay on the rails.
    At least, we hope they do.

  • alberto rossi

    We’re coming up on the first anniversary of your comment being continuously featured on the front page. How shall we celebrate?

  • We just all need to donate to Streetsblog and request a better crafted sentence as a reward!

  • All that time and only one upvote.