Today’s Headlines

  • Cyclists Crash on Muni Tracks to Preserve Parking (Hoodline)
  • Car Free Zone Begins on Twin Peaks Road (SFBay)
  • More on Tech Workers Driving Solo After Tech Shuttle Stop Reduction (SFChron)
  • Oakland Airport Connector Delays (SFGate)
  • Will Housing Go Higher on Waterfronts? (SFExaminer)
  • More Questions on BART Bond Finances (BizTimes)
  • Delays From Car Left on Caltrain Tracks (SFGate)
  • Menlo Park Wants Nothing to Do with By Right Housing Proposal (Almanac)
  • Atherton Sues to Continue Breathing Diesel Fumes (MercNews)
  • Marin Improving Bike and Walking Paths (MarinIJ)
  • Editorial: By Right Plan Will Increase Housing Inequity (SFExaminer)
  • The BART Escalator Trap (SFist)

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  • mx

    “More on Tech Workers Driving Solo After Tech Shuttle Stop Reduction”

    Well that went about as well as expected. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

  • david vartanoff

    So when Muni “consolidates” stops inconveniencing riders, residents complain but when tech buses are forced to eliminate stops that’s okay??? Last I looked these tech employees pay taxes, pay rent, do business at local venues, how are they less legit SF residents?

    Eliminating tech shuttles on Church is silly given that via the Red (paint) carpets it is a transit preferred street.

  • mx

    Stop consolidation for Muni is intended to reduce trip times for transit riders. People may complain, but that’s ultimately a balancing act between accessibility and convenience and an efficient system, realizing that consolidation puts an added burden on those who have more difficulty getting to/from stops.

    Eliminating tech bus stops serves a few purposes: addressing sometimes-reasonable resident complaints about large buses on their neighborhood streets; preventing hazards (the middle of Market St near Safeway, where one bus used to stop, is a particularly poor place for a double-decker bus full of people to unload); and most significantly, waging a proxy war that is really about housing. The last one is what a lot of this is: people hope that, by making the buses more inconvenient, workers who already put up with the significant inconvenience of a long commute will be frustrated enough to move further south to places where there’s even more NIMBYism and less housing available. Or, at a minimum, that they’ll be less pressure on rents away from the tech bus stops. This theory ignores the reality that tech workers can and do drive if they want/need to.

    People have spent decades trying to get “choice” riders to use transit instead of driving alone (I’m not really a fan of the choice/captive distinction, but that’s another point). Now a large group of them are actually doing it, and the city’s response is to make it as hard as possible for them? Genius.