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  • More on L-Taraval Boarding Islands (SFBay)
  • More on Weekend BART Closures Between Glen Park and Daly City (KQED)
  • More on Tech Shuttle Stops and Appeal of Suspended Provider (SFExaminer)
  • Fight on Muni Bus (SFGate)
  • Pedestrian Badly Hurt in Haight Hit and Run (SFGate, Hoodline)
  • Apparent Hit and Run Death in Concord (EastBayTimes)
  • Motorist Hits and Kills Pedestrian in Palo Alto (SFBay)
  • New Downtown Redwood City Police Division to Patrol on Bikes (DailyJournal)
  • Housing Too Expensive For Sonoma-Marin Train Drivers (MarinIJ)
  • Slow Down On Driverless Cars (KQED)
  • Muni and the Sunken Ships of San Francisco (SFist)

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  • Re: L-Taraval

    I’m a car owner and I ride the L every weekday to/from work downtown. Those who are protesting any and all attempts to improve speed, reliability, and safety on this route are completely selfish. If you can’t walk one extra block in either direction to board your train then you need to find alternative means of travel that cater to your specific needs. I, for one, am sick and tired of wasting my time crawling on Taraval and stopping every two blocks. I’m also tired of idiot drivers who refuse to stop to let people board/off board.

    Wake up, folks. If you want to keep an antiquated streetcar line that chugs along at 3 MPH then you’ve got it. If you want to have something that resembles a true light rail system then step up and support some effective solutions that will bring the L-Taraval into the 21st century (or at least the last part of the 20th). We’re supposedly a Transit First City, after all.

  • RichLL

    The “selfish” allegation can be made about anyone. What about those “selfish” cyclists who wanted de facto immunity from stop signs and lights? Those “selfish” bus riders in the Mission who wanted their own dedicated bus lane?

    The list is endless. Everyone is selfish. That is why we have elections – to make decisions that give the most people what they want, even though that annoys other selfish people who happen to be in a minority. which sometimes happens to be cyclists and transit riders.

  • Or selfish drivers who like nothing more than to build a freeway down 19th Ave.

  • RichLL

    There is a freeway on 19th Avenue?

    No, but it is a state highway, so there is a limit to what the city can do to turn it into a shrine for sandal-wearing hippies.

  • Jimbo

    i think an elevated freeway over 19th would be an awesome idea. its a shitshow now

  • SF Guest

    What became of your ideas to go underground?

  • murphstahoe

    The city has a Transit First policy. Don’t like it? Beat it back at the ballot box. The last attempt failed miserably.

  • murphstahoe

    An item got slid into the consent calendar for the SMART train last week.

    Basically, they screwed up the car design, and are going to reduce the bike capacity from 24 to 12 per train. They pretty much have to – ADA compliance is paramount, but this is very disappointing. Meanwhile a big chunk of space in the consists will be allocated to a bar car.

    Item 6g

    We have also been evaluating the designated wheelchair spaces on the DMU located in areas
    where bicycles are also stored. While it is clear that wheelchair users and other disabled passengers
    have priority in this space, we have heard from the public during our events and other outreach
    opportunities with advocacy/accessibility groups that this is not the best solution. After careful
    consideration, it is best practice to remove the potentially incompatible uses
    locating the
    wheelchair spaces away from high-traffic areas in order to remove the conflicts with the bicycles. This will require the removal of six bicycle racks per DMU (12 per two-car train).

  • How Robert Moses of you.

  • p_chazz

    I think the State should underground 19th Avenue. The tunnels would carry the Marin-to-San-Mateo traffic, and the surface could be redesigned into a ped and bike friendly boulevard. Local buses could go on top, express buses below.

  • murphstahoe

    I’m all for it if it’s a toll road. $10 per

  • p_chazz

    Why not? Toll roads are all the thing in SoCal.

  • Kieran

    Why must you post damn good ideas that I end up agreeing with?! In all seriousness, this should happen….19th ave is pathetically clogged with traffic and despite the 28R being MUNI’s best answer towards making 19th ave somewhat better(at the very least), there ain’t much else they can do…

    I’m glad most of the freeways that were planned for San Francisco during the mid 20th century ended in that historical “Freeway Revolt” but an underground highway on 19th ave between Irving/Lincoln Way in the north and the intersection of JuniperoSerra/19th ave in the south would have freed up 19th ave to be the bike/bus/ped friendly blvd you envisioned. Imagine that beautiful scene for a second..19th ave with no endless car traffic but instead a giant multi-use blvd and knowing San Francisco, it’d have a Europeanized look to it.

    Also, come to think of it, MUNI made a mistake when they made the 28 19th ave bus a bus line instead of a light rail line with dedicated right-of-way. Not JUST along 19th ave south to the Daly City BART station, but also thru its Golden Gate Park/Park Presidio/Golden Gate Bridge route all the way to its new terminal at Aquatic Park. With it following Lombard and then Van Ness to reach it all using its own right-of-way, which Lombard and Van Ness could easily accomadate. A 28 19th ave light rail streetcar line with an entire dedicated right-of-way(also having prioritized traffic signals along its entire route) would easily and obviously be worlds better than this hellaciously slow 28 19th ave local line that MUNI riders are sadly stuck with…

  • murphstahoe

    That’s a project that might be more costly than the new bay bridge, when you count the sum total of economic losses due to construction costs.

    I can’t see how it pencils out.

  • RichLL

    Transit First is not Transit Only.

    But it’s good to see you are happy with whatever the majority want even, presumably, when it does not favor your biases.

    A majority of local residents appear to oppose the plan for boarding islands and lane blockages for the L. We’re glad you agree the majority should prevail.

  • RichLL

    It’s generally better to put transit underground and leave cars on the surface. Central subway is the model.

    “Big Digs” are out of fashion since Boston’s $20 billion project got less than stellar reviews.

  • p_chazz

    I wasn’t thinking on such a grand scale. Just a nine block tunnel from Kirkham to Santiago.

  • Kieran

    True…Yet, it’d have been worth it for the long term decades from now in many, many ways if ya think about it…A 28 19th ave light rail streetcar line that obviously doesn’t pollute, along with having timed lights at all its intersections going on the exact same route the 28’s going right now is just what 19th ave needs. There hasn’t been reliable, punctual transportation on the Highway 1 corridor in decades..That’s a damn shame right there in itself.

    Not to mention that it’d have a couple less stops along its route than the current 28 diesel bus line..For example, along the carless(damn imagine that!!) surface of 19th ave, it could have its Sunset district stops spaced out like this-After the stop at Sloat/19th ave for Stern Grove, the next stop would be at Vicente, followed by Taraval, Quintara, Noriega, Lawton(for Shriners), Judah and Lincoln Way before it continues north through Golden Gate Park to eventually reach its Aquatic Park terminal.

    You add traffic being underground along 19th ave between Junipero Serra and Irving, bikes/peds sharing the surface of 19th ave with the streetcars and there’s a win-win situation right there for all parties..Imagine the Sunday Streets events along the 19th ave corridor!! Cars would have unimpeded travel north/south underneath Highway 1 and everyone can do their thing on the surface.

    Keep in mind that the 28 streetcar would share 19th ave with the M Ocean View in my plan and since the lights would be timed, both the 28 & M could share trackage along the M’s section of 19th ave without
    any problems.

    Also, another thing is that since the 28 line whether it’d be a streetcar or bus would obviously have extremely high ridership, MUNI could also run some historic trolleys on the 28 line as needed. When I thought this idea up I envisioned the 28 streetcar having low-floor platform stops at all its stops to allow both LRVs and historic streetcars to operate in service on the line at any given time. That would include constructing low floor right-side boarding platforms at the Stonestown & SF State stops on 19th ave since the M & 28 would be sharing tracks on that section of 19th ave.

    A couple examples of how the historic trolleys would improve the 28 are when there aren’t enough LRVs available in general and also for service on holidays/important times of the year such as New Years/Fleet Week/4th of July, the historic trolleys would help add even more service on the 28 line.

    Keep in mind MUNI currently has at least 30 unrestored trolleys(basically if MUNI had enough $ to restore them, then they’d have enough trolleys to not only run on the E&F lines but also to put on the 28 line as needed). Lastly, with those trolleys given the same type of restoration by the same contractor MUNI currently uses to restore the historic trolleys already in service on the E&F lines, they’d be in great operating shape for a good couple decades before needing another refurbishment.

  • Margueritesrivera1

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  • citrate reiterator

    The stop frequency along the L is indeed pretty absurd. 17th Ave and 19th Ave, a mere two blocks apart, come immediately to mind. I’ve actually gotten off at 17th, realized I got off too early, walked to 19th, and beaten the L there.

    The number of people who are mobile enough to rely on the L as it is now — and yet not mobile enough to wheel their groceries or mail two extra short blocks, a literal two minute walk even at a pretty leisurely pace — is pretty freaking slim. Muni should not be forcing its “rapid” transit system to fill the role of paratransit.